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Couples pack | 20 kn95 masks
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Family pack | 40 kn95 masks
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Jumbo pack | 120 kn95 masks
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Giant pack | 200 kn95 masks
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Industrial pack | 400 kn95 masks
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KN95 Mask

KN95 masks offer some of the best respiratory protection when worn tightly over the nose and mouth, protecting you against the contraction, or spreading, of illnesses like the flu and other infectious respiratory diseases. This type of face mask has been specifically designed to include a highly effective inner filtration layer capable of filtering out up to 95% of airborne particulates which includes the germs which can cause respiratory illness such as the flu and the coronavirus. You can now buy 3M KN95 Masks in bulk quantities online delivered direct to your door.

As Australia battles higher and higher levels of community transmission, stronger measures have been put in place to rapidly respond to covid infection rates. This includes the mandatory wearing of a face mask in some states and the heavily recommended wearing of a face shield in other states and territories. If you live in a hotspot or are trying to do your best to stop the spread of dangerous germs, wearing KN95 Masks while out in public can be an effective step.

These types of masks were originally created for use in the construction, decorating and mining industries. Developed to filter our dangerous particulates like smoke and other fumes inhaled while painting or while disposing of materials like fibreglass dust, the inner protective layer and filter of the mask is so fine as to offer the filtration of at least 95% of unhealthy particles. This layer is created through a complicated process known as melt blowing. You may have come across other face shields referred to as N95 masks or N95 respirators. The KN95 Masks and the N95 Masks all offer the same level of protection. They are TGA approved and worn to protect your respiration while in unsafe environments like a public setting.

The purpose of KN95 masks is to reduce the chance of inhaling unhealthy airborne particles which include dangerous viruses as well as other potentially hazardous materials. KN95 masks are disposable facemasks and are considered safe to be worn for up to 8 hours but ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal time limits for wear. Once the interior layer of the mask becomes moist, the mask should be replaced. The filter is not washable and should not be worn again.

What's the difference between KN95 and N95 Masks?

The KN95 mask is the Chinese standard version of the N95 Mask and both types of masks are available for sale online and in wholesale quantities from reputable manufactures like 3M. The most important part of the name is the number within it which refers to the level of protection that the inner layer of the mask is capable of providing the wearer. Unlike a surgical face mask, the KN95 Masks are designed to not only limit the wearer’s potential for spreading infection but also limit the wearer’s potential for contracting infection. For this reason, they are also considered antiviral masks.

Due to the nature of how quickly dangerous germs like those responsible for the coronavirus are capable of spreading, the Australia government has urged individuals to step up their personal efforts to help control the spread of illnesses throughout densely populated regions. Large cities like Melbourne and Sydney are particularly vulnerable to enormous infection rates as are cities like Brisbane and Perth. By choosing to wear a disposable face mask or other washable alternative, we are all shouldering the responsibility we have to ensure we remain as healthy as possible.

The effectiveness of your KN95 Mask is solely dependent on wearing the mask correctly and for the correct period of time. This type of mask has been specifically developed as a single-use only mask. This means that after you have worn it, it must be disposed of responsibly in a rubbish bin and should not be worn again. The interior layer of the mask responsible for maintaining healthy respiration is generally limited to about 8 hours of use. However, ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you commit to wearing your KN95 Masks outdoors or in other vulnerable public areas. The interior layer begins to reduce in effectiveness once that layer becomes moist. This may occur before the 8 hour wearing time has elapsed so ensure that you remain vigilant of the state of your mask while wearing it.

Community transmission of infectious germs is most likely to occur in public spaces were a lot of people have passed through or are congregated. To help curb the spread of disease, the Australian government has enforced clear guidelines including regular and thorough hand washing regimes, social distancing rules as well as the mandatory wearing of masks in some states. When you have finished wearing your KN95 Masks, ensure that you remove them in a safe environment and wash your hands thoroughly after handling them. The exterior of the mask can be potentially infected. Wash your hands after handling it with warm water and soap for a minimum of 30 seconds.

If you do not have access to warm water and soap, then use a hand sanitiser to sanitise your hands after handling the mask. Sanitiser should also be applied before entering and exiting public spaces as well as after handling public facilities like door handles or using public amenities. When shopping for an effective hand sanitiser, choose a brand clearly displaying at least 60% alcohol content. It is this chemical that is responsible for killing the germs you treat with it so the higher the alcohol content, the more effective the sanitising agent will be.

While wearing your KN95 Mask, ensure that it fits snugly to your face. To remain effective, it must cover the entire nose and mouth area and remain in place while you are outdoors. You should also limit the amount of times that you touch your face while in public also. Wearing medical gloves can also assist with ensuring that you are not accidentally picking up germs and infection from surfaces. Like your KN95 Masks, your surgical gloves should be disposed of immediately after use and carefully thrown into a rubbish bin. You should not handle the gloves unnecessarily after use.

Because the KN95 mask relies on a tight-fitting application, this style of respiratory protection may not suit everybody. Anybody with facial hair, and small children who are unused to wearing anything on their face, may not be able to maintain the tight seal the mask must maintain to remain effective.

It is also common for individuals to report a slight increase in energy required for taking a normal breath while they are wearing a KN95 Mask. Usually, a regular breath does not need to be drawn through any protective filtration layer so adjusting to your mask may take some time. Wear your KN95 Mask for short periods of time around safe spaces like your home while you adjust to the feel of it on your face and the sensation of breathing through the filter. If you experience acute respiratory distress then do not continue wearing your mask.

Find a complete range of KN95 masks and other sanitising products available to order online now. Get your bulk quantities delivered direct to your door, Australia-wide.

KN95 masks offer some of the best respiratory protection against the contraction, or spreading, of illnesses like the flu and other infectious respiratory diseases. This type of face mask has been specifically designed to include a highly effective inner filtration layer capable of filtering out up to 95% of unhealthy particles.KN95 masks, along with regular usage of rapid antigen tests provides a great platform for protecting yourself and your family.

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