If you're in need of rapid antigen tests in South Australia, we've got you covered here at Clinical Supplies. Our online store contains a variety of different Covid-19 rapid antigen tests that are approved by the Chief Public Health Officer and the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
Our rapid antigen tests are reliable, affordable, and more accessible than the standard PCR test. If you're looking to check on your own COVID-19 status in the comfort of your own home, our rapid antigen tests allow you to check on your own status without having to go to testing sites outside of your home.
In December 2021, free rapid antigen tests were approved and distributed by the Emergency Department to address the surge of COVID-19 surge in South Australia and other areas of the continent. These tests offered people an opportunity to learn about their COVID-19 status and protect themselves and others from infection.
And at Clinical Supplies, we offer South Australians a wide range of rapid antigen tests that are approved and work as advertised. Whether you're in need of a workplace surveillance tool to address infections in your area or you just want an alternative to the expensive polymerase chain reaction or PCR test, we have got you covered.

What Are Rapid Antigen Testing Kits?

Rapid antigen tests are a more affordable and accessible option compared to the standard COVID-19 PCR test. As the name suggests, a rapid antigen test (RAT) tests a sample for antigens that could indicate a COVID-19 infection.
Rapid antigen test kits work by mixing a nasal or saliva sample with a buffer, which is then placed on the cassette. And after 15-30 minutes, the cassette indicates whether or not it detected COVID-19 antigens.
Rapid antigen tests are more affordable and accessible than PCR tests while still offering very accurate results. So, with these kits, you get a more practical screening tool to determine whether or not someone has a COVID-19 infection.
Because of their accessibility and convenience, a rapid antigen test is a go-to option for many Australians and other countries as a means of quickly screening different people for COVID-19.
On top of that, many workplaces and other travel locations require a negative result from either a PCR test or rapid antigen test before people can enter to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How to Use a Rapid Antigen Test

To get the most accurate results, it's important to go through the proper procedures when conducting a self-test for COVID-19. When going through rapid antigen testing, we highly recommend reading the instructions on the test kits closely and following them down to the last detail.
Most rapid antigen tests follow the same methodology, but it's still important to read the individual instructions beforehand.

Here are the general steps to using COVID-19 rapid antigen testing kits at home;

  • Open the package and place the chemical solution (buffer) in the tube
    Extract the sample using the nasal swab or by placing the appropriate amount of saliva in the tube
  • Mix the sample with the buffer for 15 seconds
  • Drop the mixture into the cassette
  • Wait for 15-30 minutes for the result

If you get a positive result from the testing kit, it's important to self isolate yourself immediately. Additionally, you can contact a local health professional and let them know of your positive result and that you tested positive for COVID-19.

On top of that, it's important to inform all your close contacts that you test positive for COVID-19 so that they can isolate and test themselves as well.

If you test negative but still develop symptoms, you may have developed a COVID-19 infection from after you tested negative with a rapid antigen test. In the event this happens, it's recommended to test yourself again to be safe.
In Australia, people who receive a positive RAT result no longer need to take a PCR test to confirm their infection. Instead, they are required to self-isolate and contact a health professional for advice while they are positive for COVID-19.

When to Take Rapid Antigen Self Tests

If you feel COVID-19 symptoms, it's important to isolate and avail yourself of a test right away. There may be some sites that offer free rapid antigen tests, but you can also find a variety of approved rapid antigen tests on our website.

If you are travelling for public holidays or were exposed to a positive case, it's also important to get tested beforehand. Some government offices and localities require negative test results before entering to protect their community from infection.