Like any other place in the world, Brisbane is suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus. While taking a more relaxed approach from the beginning, they have tightened on some issues like border security internationally is a country and is a state. This is YouTuber unexpected spike in the coffee infection numbers in Queensland. Financially Queensland might have had it the hardest since they lost money trying to be safe against Coronavirus. They are now in 900 billion dollars worth of debt that they have to repay. 

Small businesses are suffering a lot in Brisbane, this is leading to a lot of people being laid off from work and waiting for the government relief. Sectors like the breweries and bars if people estimating that owners might get up to 12 months without any profit or with revenue that is not enough. This is due to the constant changing in the policies regarding social gatherings. Since people are expected to maintain a safe social distance to avoid contracting the deadly virus, they would also have to avoid bars. This is backfiring on local breweries. 

With the little promise of government relief considering the economic situation, some businesses might keep their doors shut after the COVID-19 virus. 

However the government is trying to block interstate movement, this is to help people in Brisbane and the state to not get in contact with outsiders who might be infected considering the situation in places like Victoria where numbers are reaching record highs. Although this is working to some extent, people are still traveling into Brisbane bringing in essential goods. Given the nature of this is enough to risk people contracting it. 

The state has banned people from Victoria, Sydney to be precise. This is due to the number of recorded cases in the area. This one goes out to even people from Queensland coming back to Brisbane. You won't need to apply for a special pass to be able to access the city. 

People are also being encouraged to visit local tourist sections. This is because since the virus started spreading, the tourism sector took one of the biggest punchers of all industries. Considering that Australians spent billions on traveling annually, visiting local destinations could you turn on some of that money back into Brisbane. 

Schools were closed to try and protect students and staff members alike. This is because in school settings it is very difficult to make sure that the virus is not spread especially considering our younger pupils. With them being restless and eager to interact, keeping the faith meter room and wearing face masks might not be sufficient to keep them apart. 

The greatest measures that the officials are encouraging people to take once which involve protecting yourself and the people around you from spreading getting infected with a virus. This involves the washing of hands with soap or using effective sanitizer. It also involves keeping a distance of up to 1.5 m from the next person. While Brisbane is overall aiming to loosen the grip on restrictions as it they are suffocating the economy, people need to take more care is the virus or remain at large despite these measures.  

One of the best ways of reducing the risk of you getting the Coronavirus is to make sure you breathe in uncontaminated air. Since the Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that is airborne, you can easily breathe it in your system. Plus with the fact that symptoms are different in each person, you might get it from people you do not suspect. 

You need a mask in this period now more than ever. Right now some people have reported that there is a shortage of masks in the health section. A claim which a government official has clarified to say that only private sectors have the short form and public sectors are using with restraining to try and prepare for any further negative outcomes. This leaves the possibility that they might not be a steady supply of masks when feed the need arises 4 people. You, therefore, need to make sure that you have the right mask beforehand.

Fake masks are being sold around the world, while this would be okay if you were painting your house or cleaning a dusty room, a virus needs more protection. You can check in The mask you're wearing for official board approvals, I like the N95 insignia which symbolizes the mask's ability to keep out 95% off the impurities out. Most of the masks like surgical masks use 3-ply layers which only keep out large particles like dust. However, they do not do much for smaller ones that can pass through the spaces in which air reaches your system. 

However, if you can get a mask that is efficient like in N95, which not only traps large particles but uses sophisticated physics to make sure that whenever small particles, even microscopic, touch the surface of the fiber they stick and don't proceed. 

Another factor to consider is how well the mask is going to fit on you. this is because people have different facial, and children also be wearing this mask in your family. Considering how this situation might result in some air entering the mask from the sides, you cannot afford to get a mask that is not going to fit properly. 

If you would like to get yourself here an  N95, you can go to these pharmacies which are very close to you in Brisbane and online retailers such as Clinical Supplies Australia. You get them in a set of disposable masks which you can verify for authenticity using the code below the box on the M3 safety page 

Like any other place, the future for Brisbane is not as clear as it would have been without the Coronavirus. Right now the best we can all do is to make sure we stay safe and work with the government to help reduce the rate of spreading the virus as much as possible. Only then can we fully put the whole issue behind and focus on rebuilding what was lost along the way.