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Wide Range of P2 Masks on Clinical Supplies

Here at Clinical Supplies, we offer high-quality P2 masks to help keep you safe and stay compliant with protocols.

A P2 mask is one of the most sought-out masks for COVID-19 protection as the tight fit and high-quality filtration system easily catches fine particles that could cause damage to your lungs. 

Clinical Supplies is a one-stop shop for any type of medical supplies you might need. On top of that, we pay close attention to quality, so rest assured that any face mask you buy on our site will offer the right fit and keep you safe.

We are the go-to source for medical supplies in Australia and have a wide range of medical supplies available. Order from us today and feel the quality difference.

What Makes the P2 Mask Different?

A P2 mask is the same as an N95 mask, which is the most effective face masks you can wear for COVID-19 protection and poor air quality.

These are one of the best masks for COVID-19 as they offer a comfortable fit around the face and have high-quality filters to capture very small particles. That way, the wearer doesn't end up breathing in dust, smoke, pollution, and large respiratory droplets carrying viruses.

The reason P2 masks can offer such a tight fit is that they don't use ear loops. Instead of ear loops, P2 masks utilise bands that wrap around the user's entire head. This ensures the mask stays on the wearer's face, effectively protecting particles from entering the nose and mouth.

How to Make Sure the P2 Mask is Worn Correctly

To get the most out of a P2 mask, it's important to wear it properly. Incorrect use of face masks can result in gaps through which particles can enter the system. This is why it's crucial for anyone wearing a P2 respirator to wear the mask properly and perform a fit check.

Remember, the best mask is the one that fits the wearer's face. So, when ordering P2 masks, make sure to get the right size so that it fits the wearer properly.

P2 masks are great for industrial, healthcare, and many other industries. They offer great protection, allowing organisations to maintain a higher safety standard throughout operations. And to ensure everyone remains safe, it's important that the person wears the face masks properly.

Why Buy P2 Masks From Clinical Supplies?

When you order from our website, you can rest assured that all the P2 masks available are Australian-made and pass the quality standards. The problem with N95 masks is that many fakes are on the market, and we assure all our customers that our Australian-made masks are as legitimate as they get.

So, if you need to wear a P2 respirator for adequate protection against COVID-19, pollution, or smoke from wild and bushfires, make sure to order from us. We have numerous brands available on our website, giving you tons of great options for P2 masks.

Here are a couple more reasons to buy Australian-made P2 masks from our website:

High-Quality Head Straps

The first reason our P2 masks stand out is because of the head straps. The head straps on our P2 masks are made of top-quality materials. This allows them to stretch and then tightly secure the respirators on the wearer.

You won't have to deal with a painful ear loop with a P2 mask from Clinical Supplies. Our P2 masks offer a good seal on the face and offer great respiratory protection. So, you won't have to worry about uncomfortable or unsatisfactory fits with our masks.

Top Tier Filters

Aside from the tight seal without using an ear loop, our P2 masks also have great filters. We can assure our customers that all our P2 masks are up to the standard and will filter our many small particles, preventing them from entering the lungs.

Bulk Orders

While you can get the P2 masks at a regular price. You can get much better deals when ordering in bulk from our website. When you buy in bulk, you can rest easy knowing that you have enough masks to offer you protection for a long time coming. On top of that, buying in bulk from our website allows you to avoid the regular price on the market.

And even if you buy P2 masks from us in bulk, we still offer individual wrapping for all the face masks. It's very important that you keep your face masks clean and sanitary to avoid cross-contamination.

So, if you're looking for the best respirator mask on the market, we have the brands for you on our website. These Australian-made P2 masks are top-quality from the head loops down to the packaging.

And if you need to supply yourself for a long time coming, you can get a better deal than the regular price by buying from us in bulk.

What Can P2 Masks Filter?

P2 masks are very versatile and are great for people taking care of their lungs. They are designed to capture tons of airborne particles and offer a great face seal. That's why they are one of the best types of masks to wear for the most protection.

Here are some of the different particles that an Australian-made P2 mask on a website can capture:

Virus-Sized Particles

Firstly, a P2 face mask is a great defence against large respiratory droplets from sneezes and coughing. These droplets can contain viruses such as COVID-19 and infect our lungs.

Any respirator mask on our website is up to the international standard, is made in Australia, and will be more than capable of capturing virus-sized particles in large respiratory droplets. This is why P2 masks are considered one of the best respirator masks to protect against COVID-19.

Smoke Particles

Another problem that many people face when living in Australia is wildfires. Aside from the danger from the actual fire, there are smoke particles that may linger for days, if not weeks after a fire. These particles can be very harmful to the lungs, which is why it's important to wear a face mask or respirator if you live in an area with frequent wildfires.

The filters on P2 masks are great at capturing smoke particles in the air. This means that the particles don't end up in your lungs, where they can start causing damage. So, if you want to protect your lungs against damage from wildfire smoke, a P2 face mask could be what you need.


Nowadays, we all live in somewhat polluted areas. Due to rapid industrialisation, the air quality worldwide is not as good as it used to be. Emissions from tons of industries end up in the atmosphere, eventually landing in our lungs and causing problems.

A P2 face mask can capture a lot of these pollutants. This ranges from everything, such as dust, pollen, smoke, and even smog, that you might have to deal with regularly when living in the city. That's why this face mask is considered a top-tier respirator that offers comprehensive protection for the wearer.

Making the Most Out of P2 Face Masks

While a P2 face mask is great at capturing particles in the air, it's important that you find the right ones and wear them properly to get the most out of them. Luckily, our website makes shopping for P2 facemasks easy with great prices, tons of style options, and an easy way to contact us if you need help.

But before purchasing P2 face masks, here are some things you need to keep in mind when buying and using them to get the most value for your money:

Do a Fit Check

Before anything else, it's essential that you check if the mask is a suitable fit for your face. Whether you're using it in the healthcare or manufacturing industry, your face mask needs to have a good seal on your face.

That, you prevent exposure to harmful particles in the air. So, if possible, make sure to try out one of our Australian P2 masks and check if it effectively covers your nose and mouth. Even if the filter captures fine particles, it shouldn't feel uncomfortable and constricting.

It's also important to take your facial hair, face size, and other factors into account.

Additionally, make sure that there's an adjustable nose wire on the mask. That way, the mask contours to your face, offering a comfortable and secure fit.

Find High-Quality Suppliers

Another thing to consider when buying P2 masks in Australia is to find ones from high-quality suppliers. One of the best ways to ensure that your P2 masks are legitimate and can offer substantial protection is by buying from a trusted supplier.

Here at Clinical Supplies, you can rest assured that we pay close attention to quality. Our website is made with the user in mind, so it's easy to navigate, making it incredibly straightforward for anyone to order one of our face masks.

You can visit our external website today to learn more about our products.

Buy in Bulk

While there's nothing wrong with paying the regular price for face masks, you can avoid the regular price for masks by buying them in bulk. When you buy a lot of P2 masks at a time, you offer yourself long-term protection since you need to change the mask regularly.

On top of that, we offer a special price for those buying in bulk. Instead of shelling out the regular price for every single pack of face masks, you can buy larger orders of any respirator on our website, keeping you safe for a long time coming.

To order in bulk, all you have to do is fill out a form on our website. That way, you can get access to high-quality and Australian-made P2 masks at a much better price than on other sites!

P2 masks, along with regular usage of rapid antigen tests provides a great platform for protecting.


What is a P2 mask?

A P2 mask, also called an N95 mask, is a type of disposable face mask designed to offer a lot of protection from fine particles and large respiratory droplets. They are one of the most effective face masks for COVID-19 protection and can also be used to prevent dust, smoke, and other fine particles from entering the system.

These masks lack an ear loop because they utilise elastic bands that go all around the head. This means the masks will be less straining to the ears while offering a very tight seal.

How to wear a P2 mask?

To wear a P2 face mask, it's important to pull the head loops over your face to the back of your head. Then, position the face mask to cover your nose and mouth and let it sit there. if needed, adjust the nose wire accordingly for a comfortable and tight fit.

Where to buy a P2 mask?

If you want to buy a P2 face mask online, look no further than Clinical Supplies. We're your go-to store for P2 masks in Australia and offer some of the best-quality face masks available today.

Are N95s the same as P2s?

The N95 mask is the exact same thing as the P2 mask. While they have different names, they share the same qualities. They both have sophisticated filtration systems that can capture dust, smoke, pollution, and respiratory droplets, which are the main causes of COVID-19.

How long can I wear a P2 mask?

A P2 respirator is a disposable mask. It's not ideal to reuse these masks as they will lose their effectiveness over time. Ideally, you want to change out your P2 mask every 24 hours, which is why it's best for establishments to buy these masks in bulk.

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