Adelaide is one of the cities which have been attacked by Covid-19 in Australia with 449 confirmed cases, 441 recoveries and 4 deaths. It is one of the least affected cities in Australia.

In response to Federal and State Government restrictions, the City of Adelaide has closed some of its services and facilities temporarily. The Adelaide Aquatic Centre is closed, but will reopen in August 2020, Central Market Information Desk is closed, City Guides service is suspended, Adelaide Greeters service is suspended, Cruise Ship Meet & Greet service is suspended, Adelaide and Free Bikes service is suspended.

With restrictions surrounding COVID-19 starting to ease and businesses starting to reopen, managing parking needs are constantly monitored. We are incrementally resuming our standard approach to issuing Expiation Notices to illegally parked vehicles, to ensure parking is available to everyone. We ask people to park legally and if you need to park all day, an off-street parking station is more appropriate than an on-street 2-hour zone. Off-street car parking stations such as UPark (UPark Plus capped rate parking is now available) or other private parking stations may be a more suitable option for longer term parking.

The City of Adelaide is following Federal and State Government advice and restrictions as they are announced and is working closely with the Premier of South Australia, government agencies and inner city service providers to support our city communities especially the most vulnerable. Federal Government support is available through the Treasury website, and State Government support is available through the SA Government COVID-19 Portal. The Australian Government is establishing GP respiratory clinics around the country to assess people with fever, cough, a sore throat, or shortness of breath.

Following announcements by Federal and State Government outlining the road to recovery, Stage Two came into effect on 1 June 2020. This allows for some Council services to reopen under very strict conditions. For your health and safety the City of Adelaide is currently assessing the impact of these conditions on our services and will provide further updates later in the week about if or how these services will operate.

  • The City of Adelaide Customer Centre is open and can be contacted on 8203 7203 or via email.
  • The Adelaide Visitor Information Centre is open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Outdoor playgrounds, outdoor gym/exercise equipment, skate park, BMX track and outdoor BBQs are open.
  • All three Adelaide City Libraries are open. All three City of Adelaide Community Centres are open. Bookings required.
  • The City Archives office is open Wednesdays by appointment only. To make an appointment phone 8203 7439 or email us.
  • Immunization services have been temporarily moved to Golf Links. Further details can be found on our Immunization.
  • The Adelaide Central Market (Read FAQs here) and Rundle Mall are open.
  • UPark car parks around the city are open.
  • The Green Waste and Mulch Centre is open.
  • The North Adelaide Golf Course has reopened under strict safety protocols
  • The SA Police Road Safety Education Mock Roadway is open
  • The City Connector free bus service has resumed

These are being rolled out gradually. If there is not one in your area yet visit your state or territory health department website for more information on fever clinics and other services.

Council has established a Small Business Task Force (SBTF) to work in collaboration with Business SA to provide consistent and up to date information to City Businesses on support packages and other services available from Federal, State, Local Government, Peak Bodies, and Industry Associations. The team will be in regular contact with our Precincts and city businesses, and would like to hear from small business to understand how we can help and work with you to recover in the weeks and months ahead. The Council’s current rates approach allows for businesses who are experiencing financial hardship to apply for a postponement or remission of rates. Business ratepayers who are unable to make their rate payment by the due date can apply for remission or postponement by completing the Rates Financial Hardship Application Form. Completing this form will allow us to assess your eligibility for financial hardship assistance.

Even better, though, are N95 masks like those made by 3M, which are more effective at stopping the spread and acquiring of germs. N95 masks work better than regular cloth or surgical masks by doing more for the wearer. While other masks simply contain the droplets of the wearer, they do little to nothing to filter the particles in the air that the wearer is actually breathing. Therefore, they’re only really effective if everyone adheres strictly to mask mandates, which is currently a major point of contention among Floridians.

Only personal care service providers, such as hair stylists and doctors, are required to wear masks at all. In high-concentration areas for COVID, like in Florida, while things are reopening and not everyone is practicing responsible social distancing or wearing appropriate and necessary PPE.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus can live on surfaces for almost a full week at a time, and is highly contagious. Therefore, just one asymptomatic person slipping up and sneezing in a grocery store, or a careless infected person going to the beach, can put multiple people at risk, who then go on to put others at risk without even knowing it. This is what makes N95 masks all the more important; rather than trapping in just the wearer’s germs, they filter the air the wearer breathes, keeping out 95% of particles. Therefore, if you’re wearing an N95 mask, you’re no longer relying on every single individual member of the public to protect your health and safety you’re taking it into your own hands by protecting yourself.

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The SA government has done a great job in controlling the number of case in Adelaide.