Right now the whole world is devastated by the Coronavirus. It is not only claiming lives but destroying economies along the way. The virus is highly contagious and it seems like until a vaccine can properly be distributed to the whole world everything will remain the way it is. The problem now is, for how long can economies last under the conditions that have to be adopted in such situations. Canberra in Australia is another place that is awesome enduring blows from the deadly virus. Right now Canberra is pushing his government to allow a business to go back to normal because of the economic strain that stagnance is causing. They claim that the effect of delaying opening the economy weather or have long-term effects. 

Like in most areas in Australia, Canberra had to comply with the requirement of looking down most sectors of the economy to try and contain the COVID-19 virus as much as possible. It is in most areas in the world, their main goal and actions are aimed at trying to make sure they can become active again as soon as possible. Restrictive measures are being erased bit by bit. the officials are mostly encouraging people to carry out advanced health measures. This includes actions like washing of hands with soap or sanitizing them, using reliable masks when breathing outside your house, keeping a 1.5 m distance between you and the next person, and more. And for anyone with symptoms including the smallest ones, they are encouraging that you go and get tested. 

During their journey to easing restrictions, they are implementing a 6 phase system whereby an assessment is made before they move to each phase. This will be based on how the virus is spreading at that point in time. The nature of COVID-19 requires them to remain flexible and able to act to the changing conditions of the situation. There are, therefore, a number of Public Health Risk Assessments. These are like checkpoints on a journey so that each stage of the loosening of the restrictions will be evaluated accordingly before shifting to the next stage, ensuring the health and safety of Canberra. 

Unemployment Related Policies

Closing local businesses around the area is indeed slowing down the effects of the Coronavirus. however, a lot of people are left without jobs have some businesses especially the small ones might not reopen after the period of stagnance. 


There is an overall shortage of disposable face masks worldwide. This is a factor that might affect Canberra considering that parts like Queensland have reported cases of health workers reusing disposable masks. the numbers are at an all-time high in Australia and therefore most masks might be reserved for severe cases by the medical section. 

A lot of people are at a greater risk than they actually think. That is why the Coronavirus has been able to spread no matter how much restrictions are put in place. With an economy that is striving towards opening for business, it is very important to consider how you protect yourself. Most people by now should know that not all mosques are equal. they are all made for different purposes and in the case of viruses, you will need one that saves the right people so on that mistake could be fatal. When choosing your mask, you should consider a few factors. These include: 

How well it fits 

Fitting is an important part as it ensures that does not get filtered through the masks fibers, does not get in through the sides of the mask, and enters your system as you breathe in. It was also made to ensure that if you are infected when you breathe out the infected ear will not escape the surface of your mask as well. 

To know if the mask you have all fit correctly, you should consider if it was tested beforehand by a professional before you buy it. This is an important factor because like in any other part of the world, people are different in Canberra. Therefore if it fits properly on one person it might not on the other. So the best way to go forward used to make sure you have a tight-fitting mask, that goes through a fitting test. 

The filtration process of the mask

The main purpose of a mask is to filter the air in which a person is going to breathe. this means that it should remove as much of the harmful particles as possible from the air before you inhale or before the air you exhale can escape your mask. This part is where most masks differ. While some have layers that keep out large particles like dust, the mask you need in the time of a pandemic is one that also keeps out small particles from entering your system. 

This will be done through special mechanisms within the mask which allow her to still pass through but trap particles that might be smaller than that air and harmful. For example, an N95 respirator uses complex mechanisms like electrolytes 2 trap small particles through physics. 

Official approval

There is also a high number of counterfeit masks being sold all around the world, it is important now more than ever to stay vigilant of what you use. The most suitable kinds of masks will be those that are approved by the official board. An example of such masks is M3s 4 ply N95 Respirators. You can find them in pharmacies. In Canberra, you can go to device City chemist, office works Brandon, beyond pharmacy or others to get you in n95 mask. 

The virus is also devastated can be just like in any other place. Its nature leaves everyone in the dark as to how the future is going to turn out. However individual efforts to make sure that it doesn't spread vital in the fight. That is why every individual should make sure that they have the right protective equipment to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.