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Compared to PCR tests, rapid tests are easier to access, easier to use, and offer faster results. On top of that, you don't need to go to a PCR testing site.
With over a million Australians testing positive for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, rapid antigen tests offer a quick and reliable way to screen for COVID-19 and reduce community spread.
On our new website, any person can browse, order, and pay for a variety of COVID-19 rapid antigen t-tests, all of which have been approved by the appropriate government agencies, such as the health department.
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How to Use a Rapid Antigen Test

Compared to the standard PCR test, rapid antigen tests are ideal for home use. You don't need the help of a health professional to conduct these tests, and they produce reliable results to screen for a COVID-19 infection.
To get the most accurate results from your rapid tests, it's recommended to use the rapid antigen tests properly. Each and every rapid antigen test kit contains its own set of instructions.
However, most rapid tests follow the same methodology. So, here are the general steps to using a rapid antigen test kit at home.

Find a Safe & Sanitised Space

First, you need to prepare a space that is sanitary and offers enough space for you to gather the samples.

Drop the Buffer

Once you've found the space, open the testing kit and place the chemical solution or buffer into the tube.

Collect the Sample

After placing the buffer in the tube, you need to collect the sample. Rapid tests usually require a saliva sample or nasal swab. To gather the samples properly with self-tests, it's ideal to read the instructions carefully before gathering the sample.

Mix the Sample With the Buffer

After gathering the sample, mix it into the buffer tube for 15 seconds.

Drop Mixture Onto Cassette and Wait

Once you've mixed the sample with the buffer, drop 3-5 drops of the mixture onto the testing cassette and wait for 15-30 minutes. After that time, you will be able to read the results.

If you get a positive result and test positive for COVID-19, inform all your close contacts that you've tested positive and advise them to isolate and get themselves tested for COVID-19.
Additionally, the federal government removed the requirement to take PCR tests after getting a positive result with a rapid test. However, if you develop symptoms, need to contact the appropriate health department and inform them of your COVID-19 status.

Advantages of Rapid Antigen Tests

Rapid tests offer a reliable way to screen and test for COVID-10 in Australia. With many people testing positive in the country and the pandemic still raging, rapid antigen tests or RAT kits are ideal, especially with a large wave approaching in the coming weeks.
Here are some other advantages of using RAT kits to test Australians for COVID-19.


Compared to the standard PCR test, it's easy for Australians to access COVID-19 rapid antigen kits to screen for COVID-19 infections. At Clinical supplies, we make it easy for you to access RAT tests and kits which you can use at home to get accurate and instant results.

Easy to Use

Unlike a PCR test, you can conduct RAT tests on yourself. Simply follow the instructions on the packet, making sure to follow all the directions, and in 15-30 minutes, you will have an accurate view of your COVID-19 status.

Instant Results

A PCR test takes a couple of hours and sometimes a couple of days to process. However, a RAT test only takes 15-30 minutes before the results pop up, making it ideal for places like Australia with high levels of COVID-19 infection and the need for widespread testing to protect the state of public health.

Find Accurate Rapid Antigen Tests at Clinical Supplies

At Clinical supplies, you don't need to use a testing kit locater to find and access rapid tests in Australia. We offer a wide variety of RAT tests for Australians, whether or not they have symptoms. So, if you or any other person needs a RAT test, we make sure to regularly stock up, so we can supply you and many Australians alike with reliable tests.