At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, both state and federal governments recommended using the standard PCR test to screen for COVID-19. However, recently, the Australian Government began recommending rapid antigen self-tests as an alternative.
These rapid antigen tests are more affordable and easier to administer compared to the standard PCR test. On top of that, you can get results in a matter of minutes and rely on accurate results. So, if you're looking to screen yourself for COVID-19, rapid antigen tests are a great tool to have at home.
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When Should You Use Rapid Antigen Testing Kits?

There are many instances where you may want to test yourself for COVID-19. Whether you live in a high-risk area, work in an aged-care facility and don't want to put others at risk, or if you just want to self-test and screen yourself for COVID-19.
Here are some instances where you want to use rapid antigen test kits;

If You Develop COVID-19 Symptoms

If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms such as sore throat, fever, headache, or any other symptoms health professionals associate with COVID-19, it's important to get tested as soon as possible. With an antigen test, you can self-test at home, get a result in a matter of minutes, and discover your own COVID-19 status.

If You Come Into Contact With a Person With COVID-19

If someone you've come into contact with recently tested positive for COVID-19, it's important to isolate and test yourself as soon as possible. Most of the cases in the country today are from the local transmission, and isolating and testing as soon as possible is an ideal way to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Work & Travel Purposes

Many different countries and businesses will require people to show a negative test result before entering their premises. However, rapid antigen tests are largely considered to be accurate and reliable test results as well as a proper screening tool against COVID-19.

Advantages of Rapid Antigen Tests

Here are some of the reasons why rapid antigen tests are seen as a proper screening tool against COVID-19.

They Are Accessible

If you wish to get a PCR test, you need to go to a testing site and have a health professional administer the test. On top of that, PCR tests are expensive and complex. On the other hand, rapid antigen tests are more readily available in Australia. You can buy rapid antigen tests in pharmacies, stores, and online through websites like Clinical Supplies.

Easy to Use

Unlike PCR tests, people can use rapid antigen tests at home. RAT tests are ideal for home use as they follow a simple methodology and produce a positive result or negative result in a matter of minutes.
With rapid antigen tests, you can collect the nasal swab yourself and mix it with the chemical solution. From there, all you have to do is drop the mixture onto the rapid antigen test cassette and wait for the results.
If you get a positive result from your COVID-19 rapid antigen test, isolate right away and inform any of the close contacts that you have tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, you may also contact the Australia coronavirus hotline for consultation and advice.

Instant Results

With a rapid antigen test, you only have to wait 15-30 minutes to receive your result. Instead of waiting for hours and sometimes days for the result of the PCR test, people can use rapid antigen test kits and get results the right way. That way, you can detect a COVID-19 infection sooner and stop it from spreading to other people.

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