Without any warning, the Coronavirus invaded into homes and change the lives of everyone in less than a year. The virus is currently spreading like wildfire and governments everywhere I try as hard as possible to keep the number of new infections low. Unfortunately, the consequences of this virus are more than just people's health. They are also destroying economics is businesses are closing their doors for good each and every day. Queensland is 100 billion dollars in debt due to the blow caused by COVID 19. As of now, Queensland has had three new cases one involving an individual who came from the United States and was quarantined. The two were reported by a couple that had gone to a restaurant in Sydney. The couple came back and self-quarantined in a hotel. They tested more than 6800 individuals on 29 July alone and the results brought out 3 cases. These were unrelated to the three positive travelers. Queensland is making sure that it keeps its borders closed for any states that are having unusual numbers and this includes Victoria which is at an all-time high. they're also taking measures against places like Sydney away two of their residences got infected. All of these outcomes are causing shifts in the policies that Queensland is implementing to try and keep new cases low. Right now confirmed cases so far are 1,079, there are 6 deaths and 518,517 tests conducted in Queensland so far. 

Three months ago Queensland eased the restrictions means to protect people from the coronavirus. People were allowed to go for drives of up to 50 km from where they live, ride bikes, have picnics inter opened national parks, visit national parks, shop for nonessentials, and more. But the drastic change leads to their grip being tightened bit by bit. Starting with them encouraging self-isolation at home. They also introduced an application where people I supposed to register and receive services that are essential to staying ahead of the virus. 

The general situation in Queensland 

The shortage of disposable masks

Some sectors are reporting that they had to reuse disposable masks in order to protect the health workers. This is due to the lack of enough suppliers to meet with the overwhelming demand. The Queensland government is doing as much as it can to try and indoors local PPE manufacturing companies to increase production. The minister claims that the problem only existed in the private sector and that the public sector had enough units available. She went on further to say that the available units are being used with restraining considering that they're expecting anything that might come in the future. This generally shows how there is a need for more protective to be provided for people.  

This is especially true considering that the initial stance that the Queensland government had taken was to go towards coronavirus head-on, but now that there is large debt that needs to be covered, they are opening up sectors of the economy. The implications of us in terms of the infection spreading are unknown. It is therefore advisable to make sure you have sufficient disposable face masks when getting in contact with others. 

Ensuring your safety doesn't end there, there is also a needs to make careful choices to which mask you choose to use. The ordinary 3 ply mask that is usually used, like the surgical mask, does not have a layer that prevents the movement of small particles in the air. They are only able to catch larger ones like danced which leaves you vulnerable to getting infected even with a mask. Alternatively, you can choose a 4 ply mask. An example of this is the n95, these masks I made through physics and f different layers for different purposes. The phone didn't do not only catch the large ones but also microscopical small ones. This is through the use of complex physics like the application of electrolytes. They manipulate the movement of very small particles which is in nature very rapid and a haphazard. this means that there is a high chance of them bumping into one of the fibers. Unlike the usual masks when this happens they stay stuck therefore not coming to your nose. The highest level of this kind of protection is at 95% which represents the 95 in N95. 

Furthermore, you also have to make sure that the mask fits perfectly on your mouth area because loose-fitting masks who allow you to travel into the masks through the


Queen Queensland has placed 6 testing stations in the metro South where people can go and get tested. this is a result of a case that occurred in a school in the area. This kind of rapid response is in an attempt to try and act quickly on new cases in the areas that are the image so that they can avoid the infection spreading to other areas. 

There are 94 facilities in the Southside of Brisbane that are now locked down to visitors until official skin certainly ensures that there is no risk of any infection. This is a rapid response resulting from three Queenslanders we went to a party in Melbourne and raised the alarm four suspected infections. This is an example of Queensland's rapid response to new cases. 

They are translating any issued health advice into 10 different languages. Officials are also meeting with multicultural leaders from different communities to make sure that everyone in Queensland no matter which language they speak, what's their cultural background is or where they're located, will get sufficient information as to how they can protect themselves and others around them. The most important message in this is for everyone to go and get tested. getting tested would make the situation less complicated as officials would understand how the virus is traveling from and how they can stop it from infecting other people. This also includes information like courage in social distancing. this is a song that has been sun throughout the world but the intended outcome is not always favorable. This is because your mentor is made to interact and keep close but as the virus is requiring that we stay apart. Such an alien concept is getting negative reactions from people's hands making social distancing hard. 

Border security 

Anyone returning to Queensland will need a special permit to cross back into Queensland this rule is not exceptional to Queensland's own residents. Anyone who has visited a virus hotspot like Sydney or Victoria will have to quarantine for 14 days upon coming back home to Queensland. Police Minister M. Ryan said the change means that drivers with Queensland license plates are no longer waved through at the border. This has resulted in them refusing entry to more than 940 vehicles at state's borders and directing more than 2,600 people who were re-entering Queensland straight into quarantine.

Policies to assist with issues relating to rent

In an attempt to assist struggling tenants, commercial and residential owners of property within Queensland will be given tax relief so as to loosen their grip on these struggling tenants. Owners of property are going to be granted three months land tax refund which will be followed by allowing them to defer payments for 3 months if their tenants are indeed struggling from financial difficulties. the result of this would be to protect tenants who will be unable to pay the rent for up to six months because of being negatively affected by the Coronavirus. 

Educational sector

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a partial resumption of schools from next week, with kindergarten, prep, year 1, and years 11 and 12 to return to school on May 11.

The State Government said it would reassess the situation on May 15 and that, if everything had gone to plan, all students would return to classrooms later in the month.

"If low transmission rates continue, students from years 2 to 10 will be able to return from May 25," Education Minister Grace Grace said. The Premier said the arrangement was liable to change if there was an expansion in coronavirus cases or any new instances of network transmission or limited episodes. 

"We know how significant the early years are, and particularly the senior school years," Ms. Palaszczuk said. 

"This has been an issue for many individuals and I realize it's been extremely hard on guardians at home." 

Ms. Grace said it was fundamental for any individual who was unwell to avoid schools. 

Gladstone region getting COVID-19 hospital

The minister announced that they have put aside funds to buy the Gladstone mater. This is a strategic move to try and dedicate a word of more than 30 beds to COVID-19. They will also be the provision of between 4 and 12 beds for intensive care patients infected with COVID 19. After the pandemic, this hospital will become part of a central Queensland hospital and health service. This is a strategic move to Thailand to distribute the covered strain so that it does not way on the available resources dedicated to it. The Gladstone MP said that the city's residence can be assured that healthcare in their area or improve for the best. The treasurer of Queensland Bideford the States government had allocated 400 million dollars for this measure. 

Rescuing virgin airlines and Queensland tourism

The Queensland government bought a stake in virgin airlines in an attempt to help rescue it. This was about 200 million dollars. 

The government is also put 7 million dollars into advertising local tourism in Queensland. They're encouraging people to holiday locally. This is a result of the tourism sector taking a big blow from the coronavirus. 83 million dollar grant will be dedicated to Queensland zoos. 

All of these measures are an attempt by the Queensland government to keep things interact in this devastating. However, security cannot be guaranteed to anyone and it is up to individuals to make sure that we bring back the state to its previous stage. The fact that a lunch date is even shifting the forces of the government from trying to establish multiple facilities to quarantine people in places like halls to declaring them open for business, social care at a personal level might be needed now more than ever.