With the COVID-19 lock-down coming to an end in Australia, this event is met with a high infection rate in the state of Victoria especially Melbourne, and even though the Australian government announced that the country is now on the three-phase of the lock-down just recently they had to announce that Victoria Street is now back to hire the sessions due to the high infection rate. 

Mandatory Mask Policy Put In Place

On the 30th of July 2020, the Victoria Premier made an announcement that seemed to puzzle the other officials of the country. Health policy was passed that requires every citizen in the state to wear a mask at all times where ever they are and this is a great idea but the issue is that the Premier had to wait until so many people were infected. In other countries, no person has been allowed to even stepped out of the house without a mask and this has helped with keeping the COVID cases to a significantly small number. It’s as if the world waits until it’s stuck with a life-ending threat so that the official in power make a good decision. From the start of the lock-down, the Australian Government should have issues this policy and avoided many of the now present problems. People were spotted in Melbourne walking around with no masks at all and such behavior is a prime cause of the new cases popping up each day. 

The Coronavirus is spread when 2 people or more are in close proximity to each other and they do not have the right mask to contain the virus or they their mask somehow fails to protect them. The mask is used to protect the other individual as it contains the virus and the air droplets not travel to the next individual.  The mandatory mask policy is a great idea but it should have been made from the very start of the lock-down. It will definitely help with making sure that the infection rate does not spike, as it is right now but maintains the rate and even decrease it. The Government acted slowly on this

State Regulated Masks That Are To Be Used

With the World affected by the Coronavirus, the demand for masks has gone up like never seen before. All countries have passed various laws that force their citizens to own at least 2 masks that they can use whenever there is a need for them to move about. 

The selling and manufacturing of masks should be regulated by the current ruling government. If you walk in the streets of Melbourne, Almost at each corner you see a fine informing you to buy different kinds of masks. It seems like anyone can just make a mask and sell it in their store. Because of this, some masks are being made using the thinnest cloth and this does not provide safety. The citizens of Melbourne are walking around with self-made masks and not aware of the mask provided full coverage. The image concerning a mask is that “as long as it covers the mouth and nose, then the material doesn’t matter”. This is a wrong and uneducated notion and is leaving many people vulnerable to the virus. Some cheats masks are being sold and they don’t even fit around the face. Some masks are too small and thin. The issue around masks in Melbourne might be a huge factor contributing to the new cases popping up every day. The government should monitor every mask manufactured and oversee the selling of them. Surgical masks are highly recommended and production of more should be underway. The price of a basic mask is also a bit inflated and most companies are trying to make a huge profit from this. You find different masks going for different prices and this indicates that the government is not on top of the whole situation. 

Strict Movement Policy 

With the new restriction rules passed in Melbourne, only a handful of people are allowed to be in the public. People in Melbourne are only allowed to move around if

  1. They’re going to school or work. As only grades 11 and 12 are allowed to be back in class. 
  2. The daily exercise includes jogging, fitness, hiking, etc. Mostly exercising that promotes individuality.
  3. They getting food or essentials products.

Businesses and facilities around the area of Melbourne that have been able to operate at a small scale, such as gyms, libraries, and swimming pools – must close again. Cafes and restaurants will be allowed to open only for takeaway and sometimes delivery. This will put a dent on the Economy as most businesses have been closed since May. Social gathering places such as clubs, parks, and theaters are still closed, and seems like most businesses are not going to open at all. 

Travel Restrictions 

Since the 8th of July, Victoria’s border with NSW has been closed down, with those wishing to enter the state requiring a permit from the police department. Victoria state citizens wishing to enter SA also require pre-approval. Residents of Victoria are not allowed to travel to Queensland, Tasmania, WA, NT, or the ACT without an exemption. No permit or approval is required to enter Victoria from another state, however, some state premiers have also recommended residents should not travel to Victoria, given the current outbreaks.


And with the infection rate going up every day it’s not only up to the government to make sure that the people followed by the rules but even the citizens of Melbourne and Victorians must take heed. The fight against the Coronavirus requires everyone to work together and implement the safest and healthiest way possible. Everyone must make sure that they have a mask on at all times and limit their traveling from their residence. This pandemic can be contained but it requires good leadership and law-abiding citizens to follow up as well.