Last year the whole world was relaxed and in December just like any other year, people had hoped for the New year and great plans. It seemed COVID-19 was a distant issue just like Ebola or the H1N1 flu which was going to be quickly contained and no one had anything to worry about at all. However, this expectation took a drastic turn as COVID-19 is now at everyone's doorstep. This reality is also true for South Australia. When the whole issue with a new pandemic started, they never expected that the virus was going to affect them this much. Although South Australia has relatively low infection rates despite its distance from China as a country, they are also effects on the economy and their people from the whole ordeal. 

6 months ago the medical officials reported of known cases being only 10. These were only suspected and they all came out negative, showing early signs of a win against COVID-19.  At that point restrictions on the movement of people to and from the Hubei province in China were limited. By the time they expanded to banning travel from the rest of China, it might have been slightly too late considering the nature of the virus. A few people got infected and right now they are fighting to make sure that they also stop the spread. 

Early measures 

In the early stages, Australia in general was making sure that planes that land from China and the world be investigated. they would identify people who had gone to certain parts of China like Wuhan. They also tightened border security and made sure that anyone coming into southwest Australia was questioned as to their whereabouts and if they had gone to or have been in contact with anyone coming from wohan. The biggest focus was on the people who were most likely going to get affected the most by the virus specifically those above the age of 70 or 17 months and below. Another factor that the border security was on the lookout for was people with illness symptoms that matched the virus's effects. They were attempting to find people who have been incubating the virus. They were also informed about the coronavirus and its effect and the measures that were at that time present measures for making sure everyone is safe from it.  

They were also working closely with Chinese officials to make sure that there is ample information in universities and institutions pertaining to the coronavirus. This was in regard to the students who were in China and would pose a risk upon returning back to South Australia. It seemed like at that point these measures were more than adequate for containing the virus. 

They also advised people to go and see general practitioners or other doctors whenever they felt like they might have the symptoms. This was advised for people who started seeing symptoms after coming from China. The mistake of not setting up proper testing facilities and mixing people up in the hospital was not just made in southern Australia but a lot of other areas in the world. Also taking into account how the virus his many ways of being passed along, not quarantining people before they reported symptoms to doctors was also an understandable mistake but a crucial one in determining the effects and spreading of COVID 19. 

Current steps 

Health response

Declaration of a state of emergency

A number of measures have been put in place in southern Australia as a result of the government working closely with health experts that are on the front lines and understand the virus. this is being done to give southern Australians adequate protection from this deadly virus. officials say all policies are based on current situations and trying to preserve what they have at the moment and I'm not conclusive of how they will proceed forward as the situation is very unpredictable. 

In March one of the major steps was taken towards fighting the coronavirus. They declared a public health emergency for the southern Australian region. This was in line with the South Australian Public Health Act of 2011. This meant that southern Australia was giving the responsibility of maintaining coordinating and providing for your needs to the legislated and pre-meditated authorities. In this setting, there were new regulations in regards to closure of non-essential businesses and other activities, how Court operations would proceed, how general activities and gatherings should be handled, visiting the facility is off aged citizens in southern Australia, and much more. 

In an attempt to come up with a unified strong solution, the South Australian government set up a multi-agency command center. The idea of such an institution is to make sure that they have a unified approach to dealing with COVID 19. This command center yes representatives from major state government agencies. This movie has played a major role in how the infection rates in the South in Australia if turned out to date. 

Strategized testing

COVID-19 testing in South Australia is currently being expanded to test specific groups of people.  These include either those who may have less access to testing clinics or who work among vulnerable populations. Increased testing is aimed at making sure that they can detect outbreaks quickly enough to contain them and stop them from spreading to other areas of southern Australia and the country as a whole. they are also aiming to increase their testing from that point in the future. This strategy will evolve into three key testing types. The Framework is structured to meet the needs of the Australian National Disease Surveillance Plan for COVID-19, including, testing based on groups, household contacts of confirmed cases, and random sample tests.

COVID 19 Testing Centres and Clinics

COVID-19 centered medical Clinics and Testing Centres have been established in South Australia. these are meant to identify COVID-19 patients and treat them accordingly. These clinics take the workload away from emergency sections and help to keep the spread of infection at a minimum. Anyone with any symptoms of COVID 19, even mild mild symptoms, in South Australia can get tested.

Wastewater testing

Souther Australian Health has entered into a team effort with Southern Australian Water to identify possible COVID 19 teaches in communities through monitoring wastewater samples. Inspecting wastewater will show any presence of the COVID 19 virus genetic material to create an understanding of communities which l the deadly virus has spread to.

Speedy testing availed for urgent cases

The speedy testing ability has now been rolled out to give a COVID-19 diagnosis in under 60 minutes for cases where clinicians claim required for an urgent diagnosis for patients who are exhibiting extreme to severe symptoms. 

This will help make those clinicians in the area and ten other regional hospitals make fast conclusions around the care and treatment of patients concluded clinically urgent. This type of testing is not currently available within COVID-19 testing clinics as of yet.

Digital Health Service

This is one of the greatest measures Southern Australia has put in place. The Southern Australian Pathology launched a COVID 19 digital platform to handle the delivery of negative COVID 19 test results.  This allows the patients to receive their test results from an online platform that has secure.

Patients will simply register their personal information through cellphone SMSs and they will receive a text message when their test results are negative. All the results are manually double-checked before they can be put into the portal to ensure that they are accurate. Patients who have positive results will also be contacted but personally to inform them of the outcome.

Term two began a week ago, with wellbeing specialists guaranteeing guardians it was ok for understudies to return, after prior confronting allegations of blended informing. South Australia's Education Minister, John Gardner, expected most of the understudies would come back to the eye to eye learning this term. 

More than 66% of South Australian state-funded school understudies went to classes face to face a week ago, as indicated by the State Government. 

It is a major increment on the participation rate toward the finish of term one when scarcely 33% of selected understudies were at school for the eye to eye classes. 

"An up-close and personal learning condition offers them the chance to converse with their companions, to have the option to get to their educators legitimately and use the learning condition that a school gives," Mr. Gardner said. 

He said 23 percent of understudies were gaining from home in week one, however, the majority of them are relied upon to come back to up close and personal learning this week. Schools in the Barossa Valley were shut for longer than a month because of two bunches of constructive cases connected to visit gatherings. 

"It's been desolate here, working ceaselessly and strolling around the yard during the day, even our occupant jaybirds resembled 'where is everybody?' It's only incredible to see everybody back," St Jakobi Lutheran School head Julian Helbig said.

Despite all these measures, the emergence of the number of infections in Victoria and other areas of Australia shows how unpredictable COVID-19 is. This leads to the conclusion that despite they're being room for freedom available, it is best to make sure that you have the protective mask that is going to help you survive this period. These efforts are only a fraction of everything that's the Southern Australian government r putting in to try and make sure that their people are safe. But the constant change and the relentless 1/4 clearly show that this virus is unpredictable outcomes as it is right now. 

The government is also calling out to individuals to take it apart in enforcing some of the necessary measures that will help in the fight against COVID-19. For instance, a 1.5-meter distance should be maintained between you and the next person. Making sure that your hands are washed or sanitized is also another crucial matter. But above all, making sure that you have the right facial mask is encouraged. 

Right now a disposable facial mask is a great choice considering that it does not require cleaning after. You should also make sure that the mask you wear his some kind of protection against both large airborne particles and in the small ones like microscopic viruses. They should also be tight-fitting masks to ensure that the filtered air is not diluted by a that escapes into the mask through the sides. 

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Many measures have been put in place to try and stop by Coronavirus. However, where the virus wakes is very unpredictable and does the unexpected spikes in areas where it might have been concluded that it is stable. it will take more than just the government's actions to keep a person safe. each person needs to ensure that they and the people around them are well protected through carrying out safe I bit along with using the correct protective clothing. When it comes to finding the air you breathe, there are a lot of factors that come in hand is to filtering it and making it safe. The N95 mask is been tested and proven to carry out 95% of this job which the current highest rate of protection any person can get. Getting this much protection where hope you in the fight against the Coronavirus.