Right now Darwin holds a record that stands out on an international level. With no deaths, 30 total recovered, 31 cases, and no new infections to date, this is an impressive record. It is an expected result considering how they were turning awakens camps into isolation sectors about 3 months ago. This quick response was aided by the fact that a large number of residences in the northern territories live in remote areas. A circumstance which would make self-isolation and social distancing easier to implement. 4 weeks ago 1 man tested positive of the corona virus after 3 months of no new cases in Darwin. However given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, no one is certain about the future. South Korea had also reached a flat point in their curve but now they are battling with COVID-19 again. 

In the earlier days, Darwin started by creating quarantine camps in which people returning from Wuhan to be isolated before re-entering society. They transformed a workers camp which was meant to house thousands of workers who went on a multibillion-dollar gas project in 2018. He had been abandoned for about 8 months. They were also to be transported by a secured bus to this location. The authorities warned people to evacuate China in the early days. Most of Darwin's citizens had returned home about 5 months ago. These actions helped to aid the lowering of cases that they are encountering. 

Right now the town along with the state is planning on opening the economy more in order to recover from the damage brought by COVID 19. However given the spike in Victorian numbers, they are not certain if this is a wise decision to make. Officials say that they shall continue to follow the national requirements advising them to isolate, keep washing hands, and so forth. In regards to borders, opening up for outsiders, the people responsible for the arrival and departure points are saying that they are prepared. They are equipped with hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays. Taxi drivers are also enjoying this freedom as there was no more business revenue after some time without working. However, they are saying that they are being skeptical about Victorian travelers as their state has high numbers and most states are trying to avoid them as much as possible. Some taxi drivers went on to say they won't ferry Victorian citizens. 

Client assistance at the Civic Center has been revived. Opening times are 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, with the barring of open occasions. All exchanges are cashless at this stage. The city of Darwin is tolerating EFTPOS and Credit Card installment for creature enrollments, rates, and encroachments. 

Board Libraries at Nightcliff, City, Karama, and Casuarina have revived to the general population. Some library administrations are as yet run on the web. Covid-19 Guidelines will be clung to guarantee the security of the general population and the staff. Measures set up incorporate physical removing and cleanliness necessities. There will be a maximum limit of two hours in our libraries. 

They are also strongly enforcing the use of masks for every person that will be arriving at the airport. This is understandable considering that the major restriction they are giving to the people who are arriving is placement in isolation for a period of time. A move that other state officials are questioning. 3 weeks ago the spokesperson for the chief minister said "We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and act on the latest health advice. We will escalate our response as required to keep the Territorians safe as we have always done."  So far they are sticking to their word as new infections are not occurring. 

Educational policies

All schools are open and Chief Minister Michael Gunner has said understudies are relied upon to join in. 

Schools have been approached to take additional cleanliness measures, including expanded hand washing, maintaining a strategic distance from handshakes, and for school administrators to "reexamine" all journeys during term two. There have been no COVID–19 cases in Northern Territory schools.

In terms of national regulations, Darwin is also enforcing the 1.5 m rule between people. People also urged to engage in self-isolation until further notice. they claimed from the get-go that they would like to maintain their employment levels despite the social distancing and self-quarantine measures. The introduction of new projects in which people can continue working despite other jobs being suspended or shut down gave people hope and continues to do so in regard to the security of the future. 

However, despite all of these factors, no one is 100% certain about the future. That is why people are used to continuing living by the given restrictions even in town where no cases are very rare. This is because the Coronavirus is very unpredictable and can easily be contracted. The washing of hands sanitizing and us of masks when coming in contact with other people is still very important. However, when it comes to preventing inhaling the virus, most available masks do not do their job correctly. This is because their structure is only capable of trapping large airborne particles like dust. Smaller ones like viruses which can be microscopic who simply pass through the open spaces. 

Therefore there is a need for effective masks. Right now the highest level of protection is set at 95% by official boards around the world. An example of such a mask is M3s N95. These are better protect people from the virus because they use a specially built fiber to make even the smallest particles stick onto the surface of the fiber and not proceed into the air that a person breathes.