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At the start of the pandemic, PCR tests, also known as the polymerase chain reaction test was considered the only valid test for COVID-19. However, due to supply issues and the complex methodology of PCR tests, many people couldn't get access to them.
And since testing and finding out COVID-19 hotspots is crucial in containing the infection, an alternative was needed. That is how rapid antigen tests began to grow in popularity.
These tests offered a more convenient way for people who develop symptoms or come into high-risk contact with another person to check their COVID-19 status without having to go to a testing centre.
Rapid antigen tests work by mixing a sample (nasal swab and saliva sample) with a chemical solution known as a buffer to test for antigens in a person's system. A PCR testing clinic can take up to a couple of days to process the results depending on how many people test on a certain day while rapid antigen test kits could produce reliable results in 15 minutes.
So, if you need rapid antigen tests to keep at home if someone develops COVID-19 symptoms or if you develop symptoms for COVID-19 yourself, you can rely on us to supply you with what you need.

When To Take a Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid antigen tests, also known as a RAT kit offer a quick and reliable way for people to test themselves for COVID-19. You can test yourself for COVID-19 using rapid antigen tests at any time.
Some countries and businesses will require you to provide a negative rapid antigen test result or a negative PCR test result before entering a specific location. In the coming weeks, Australia will be implementing testing requirements for people coming into the country. In the same light, other countries also require you to submit a negative rapid antigen test result before entering their territory.
Another time to use self-tests is if you develop COVID-19 symptoms yourself. If you develop symptoms at any team, it's best for you to isolate and test yourself using a rapid antigen test as soon as possible.
Since rapid antigen tests don't require you to go to a testing clinic, it may also be safer since you don't risk spreading the virus to other high-risk individuals if you get a positive result.
Health authorities also recommend that people who live with high-risk individuals or find themselves in close contact with people frequently self-test with rapid antigen testing kits to stay on top of their condition.
At Clinical Supplies, we offer different rapid antigen testing kits, all of which are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. We offer kits that use saliva samples as well as nasal swabs that don't require the assistance of a health professional when administering the test.

How to Use Rapid Antigen Tests

COVID-19 rapid antigen tests are ideal for home use as they don't need to be done in a testing clinic and don't need to be administered by health authorities. Instead, these are kits people can use for self-testing. But to achieve accurate results, it's important to follow proper procedures when getting tested.
Each test kit comes with detailed instructions on how to properly test yourself for COVID-19. With that said, every RAT test follows the same general procedure to test for COVID-19.
To test yourself for COVID-19 with a rapid antigen test, here are the steps;

  • Place the buffer in the tube
  • Gather the sample
  • Mix the sample with the buffer
  • Wait 15-30 minutes for the result

If you get a positive COVID-19 test result, it's important to isolate it immediately. While the vast majority of COVID cases are asymptomatic if you develop symptoms dial the coronavirus hotline for advice from a health professional.

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