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Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, With Ties | 50 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 1000 masksPolypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 1000 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 50 masksPolypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 50 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, With Ties | 1000 masks
Bastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 50 masksBastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 50 masks
Bastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 1000 masksBastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 50 masks
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3-ply disposable masks - 100 masks3-ply disposable masks - 100 masks
3-ply disposable masks - 50 masks3-ply disposable masks - 50 masks
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3-ply disposable masks - 200 masks3-ply disposable masks - 200 masks
3-ply disposable masks - 200 masks
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3-ply disposable masks - 500 masks3-ply disposable masks - 500 masks
3-ply disposable masks - 500 masks
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Find High-Quality Surgical Face Masks in Australia

It's very important to wear a face mask nowadays to give you adequate protection against COVID-19, pollution, and other particles that float around the air and enter our respiratory system. And while there are tons of different face mask options available today, not many of them can beat out standard surgical masks.

The surgical mask is one of the most common types of face mask you will find on the market. In fact, these are likely the masks you think about whenever a person mentions face masks, as these are the ones most commonly used in medical facilities and in other settings where masks are requirements.

This is because surgical face masks are affordable, comfortable, and offer adequate protection for whoever wears them. And if you're looking to buy the best surgical face masks in Australia, Clinical Supplies is the place to go. We offer tons of surgical masks, from children's surgical face masks to level 3 surgical face masks, and just about all of the best surgical face masks in Australia.

Finding a reliable source for surgical masks in Australia can be quite tricky, but that's why we're here. Protect yourself against potential infection and COVID-19 exposure today by getting one of the face masks on our site.

What Are Surgical Masks?

Surgical face masks are the type of face mask you might think of whenever a person mentions medical masks. These are occasionally called dental and medical masks, but are also sometimes just called regular face masks. These are great at protecting the general public from potential infections in the environment and offer a great level of security in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all functional masks, these are designed to cover the nose and the mouth properly. This is to prevent fluids and large respiratory droplets from escaping or entering your system. That way, if you're infected, you won't be spreading the virus as much, and if you aren't infected, there's a lesser chance that the virus will enter your system.

There are some surgical masks that come with face shields and some that don't. These are widely used by health professionals and are one of the most accessible and affordable types of face-covering available today. They can also be worn on top of fashion masks made out of cotton or cloth to offer better protection.

That said, keep in mind that not all face masks are surgical masks. There are also N95 and KN95 masks, which offer great protection against disease and are widely used in healthcare facilities. However, these masks can be expensive and hard to find, which is why the surgical options are usually the favourite option of our customers.

Benefits of Surgical Face Masks

The general public is still advised to mask up in many situations. This is because there is still a significant number of infections that can affect our entire health system, so we still need to be vigilant.

With that said, there are many different options available when wearing and choosing a face mask. And it's important that you strike a balance between the price, comfort, and effectiveness of the mask.

So, here are the reasons you might want to consider wearing surgical face masks when out in public.

Easy to Find

One of the most recommended masks for COVID protection is N95 and KN95 masks. And while these are great at capturing small particles and respiratory droplets that cause disease, they are also pretty expensive. On top of that, there are many manufacturers of fake N95 and KN95 masks that don't offer the necessary protection, leaving you at risk for COVID-19 exposure.

The benefit of surgical masks is that they're easy to find. These are much more widely available than KN95 masks, and you can rest assured that they are authentic and offer you adequate protection. And if you want to find the best surgical masks in Australia, visit our site to check out our extensive range today.

Offer Adequate Protection

Another reason you might want to wear a surgical mask in your day-to-day activities is because of the protection they offer. When you wear a surgical mask, you can protect yourself from large respiratory droplets and particles. And when you create a barrier between your respiratory system and the environment, you give yourself a lot of protection against COVID-19 exposure.

These are some of the best masks you can wear for COVID protection, and since we sell them by the box here a Clinical Supplies, you won't have a hard time finding just the right masks you need to protect your health.

Relatively Affordable

If you take a look at the different masks available on the internet, you might notice that they are pretty pricey. This is because some masks, like N95s, are limited, which means that the price can fluctuate. However, surgical face masks are usually readily available for whoever needs them, making them one of the more affordable options on the market today.

So, if you're looking for a face mask that can offer adequate protection and won't bust the bank, surgical face masks are the right option for you. These are suitable for COVID protection, and we always have them in stock, so send your order in today.

More Comfortable than Other Face Masks

Another advantage of the surgical mask on your website is that it is very comfortable. It can be hard to maintain mask wearing for long times because they can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, surgical masks are supposed to be much more comfortable and loose-fitting than some of the other options out there, which gives you a bit more breathing room and comfort when wearing a mask.

It can be hard to find a comfortable mask that can keep you covered when out in public. If you struggle with the tightness of other coverings like N95 and KN95s, then you might find that surgical face masks offer the balance that you need.

Who Should Wear Surgical Masks?

It's important to keep yourself protected against COVID. This is a very infectious disease that can easily hop from person to person. This is why many people are advised to add masks to their personal protective equipment (PPE) kit, as it will give them the shield they need against disease when out in public.

Here are some of the people that might need to wear these masks the most:

People in Healthcare Facilities

If you work or go to healthcare facilities often, you may want to add a couple of our masks to your cart when you go to our website. This is because anyone who steps into an Australian healthcare facility must be in a mask to protect themselves and anyone else there.

This is because hospitals and other similar facilities house a lot of immunocompromised people. These are the people that are at high risk of developing severe COVID-19 and need to stay protected as much as possible.

So, whether you're a patient, nurse, doctor, or guest, make sure that you have a mask on you when entering a healthcare facility.

People on Public Transportation

Another situation wherein people would need to wear a face covering is public transportation. When you're on public transportation, you are going to be around many strangers. And at times, you might find yourself very compressed and congested when on public transportation.

To protect yourself against infection while on public transportation, it's very important to wear a face covering. Surgical masks may be a great option in these situations as they are comfortable and also have a lot of protection. So, you should have no problem wearing it for longer periods and stretches of time.

When In an Indoor Space

If you find yourself in an indoor gathering where there's no adequate ventilation, you need a mask to filter out particles that may cause infection. Nowadays, there are tons of public and private events held in indoor spaces. The danger of this is that there could be COVID in the particles that float around the air. And without proper ventilation, there's a much higher probability of these particles entering your respiratory system and causing an infection.

With that said, most people want to be comfortable when in an indoor space. This is why we highly recommend getting your hands on some of our surgical masks for these events. These products offer good protection against diseases and particles in the air while also being very comfortable on the face.

People Wearing a Cloth or Cotton Mask

One of the options for people that don't enjoy wearing regular medical masks is wearing a cloth mask. These are usually very comfortable and come in various designs, making it easy for anyone to find something that suits their tastes.

That said, one cotton mask won't be able to protect you against infection. This is why we recommend getting a surgical mask that you can wear below a cotton mask as it will offer a lot of protection while sitting underneath a mask that helps you express yourself.

Why Buy Surgical Face Masks Online From Clinical Supplies?

Surgical face masks offer a lot of protection against COVID-19. But why should you buy your supplies from us? Well, here are some reasons you might want our masks and products suitable to your needs.

Great Bulk Prices

To start, we offer our masks in bulk packages. This is great for retailers, healthcare facilities, and businesses that would like to offer masks to their guests and customers. It can be hard to find a source for high-quality surgical face masks that come with a lot of coverings. Usually, these only come in packs of 10 or 20, which may not be suitable for your needs.

Fast Transactions

On our site, you can enjoy very speedy transactions. We trust our distributors to always deliver our masks on time. The second you pay for your order, and we accept the payment, we send the masks over to you so you can protect yourself as soon as possible.

Shipping All Over the Country

Australia is a big place. But we are one of the best sources for surgical face masks in Australia because we ship all over. So, whether you're all the way in New South Wales or on the Northern tip of the country, we can bring the masks to you.

Tons of Variety

We offer some of the best variety on the Australian market. So, you can search for just about any of the popular brands and mask types on the website, and we'll be able to give them to you. Whether you need surgical face masks, cotton masks, or legit N95 options, rest assured we have what you need.


Where to Buy Surgical Face Masks?

If you're looking to purchase surgical face masks online, check out Clinical Supplies. Our website contains some of the best variety and best surgical face masks on the Australian market today. On top of that, we offer tons of medical accessories and speedy deliveries to meet your needs.

What Is the Purpose of Surgical Face Masks?

Surgical face masks are designed for medical settings. But due to the circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it's advisable to wear these masks when heading out of your house. This is a great option for workers and people who go out often that want to protect themselves from disease.

How Often Should You Change Surgical Face Masks?

Ideally, you shouldn't use a surgical face mask more than once. These are designed to be disposable and comfy masks. So, you risk contamination or wearing a dirty mask if you use it more than once. This is why we recommend buying your surgical face masks in bulk since you're going to have to replace them often.

Are There Face Masks That Should Not Be Worn During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Any type of face mask is better than no face mask at all. However, for the best protection, we recommend N95, KN95, and surgical masks. And if you must wear a cotton or cloth mask, we recommend doubling up with a surgical mask over the top for the best protection.

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