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Couples pack | 20 kn95 masksCouples pack | 20 kn95 masks
Couples pack | 20 kn95 masks
Sale price$55 Regular price$60
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Family pack | 40 kn95 masksFamily pack | 40 kn95 masks
Family pack | 40 kn95 masks
Sale price$100 Regular price$120
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Jumbo pack | 120 kn95 masksJumbo pack | 120 kn95 masks
Jumbo pack | 120 kn95 masks
Sale price$270 Regular price$360
Save $200
Giant pack | 200 kn95 masksGiant pack | 200 kn95 masks
Giant pack | 200 kn95 masks
Sale price$400 Regular price$600
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Industrial pack | 400 kn95 masksIndustrial pack | 400 kn95 masks
Industrial pack | 400 kn95 masks
Sale price$700 Regular price$1,200
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3-ply disposable masks - 100 masks3-ply disposable masks - 100 masks
3-ply disposable masks - 50 masks3-ply disposable masks - 50 masks
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3-ply disposable masks - 200 masks3-ply disposable masks - 200 masks
3-ply disposable masks - 200 masks
Sale price$75.95 Regular price$79.95
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3-ply disposable masks - 500 masks3-ply disposable masks - 500 masks
3-ply disposable masks - 500 masks
Sale price$169.95 Regular price$199.95
Bastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 1000 masksBastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 50 masks
Bastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 50 masksBastion - Junior Surgical Face Mask, Green, Earloops | 50 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, With Ties | 1000 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, With Ties | 50 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 1000 masksPolypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 1000 masks
Polypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 50 masksPolypropylene, Surgical Face Mask, Blue, Earloops | 50 masks
Bastion P2 Mask | 20 P2 masksBastion P2 Mask | 20 P2 masks
Save $50
Bastion P2 Mask | 200 P2 masksBastion P2 Mask | 200 P2 masks
Bastion P2 Mask | 200 P2 masks
Sale price$599.95 Regular price$649.95
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Bastion P2 Mask | 400 P2 masksBastion P2 Mask | 400 P2 masks
Bastion P2 Mask | 400 P2 masks
Sale price$1,099.95 Regular price$1,299.95
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Wholesale clearance pack | 840 kn95 masks | $1.10 per maskWholesale clearance pack | 840 kn95 masks | $1.10 per mask
Save $204
Business clearance pack | 120 kn95 masks | $1.30 per maskBusiness clearance pack | 120 kn95 masks | $1.30 per mask
Reusable cotton masks | 5 masks | Nano TechReusable cotton masks | 5 masks | Nano Tech
Reusable cotton masks | 10 masks | Nano TechReusable cotton masks | 10 masks | Nano Tech
Reusable cotton masks | 20 masks | Nano TechReusable cotton masks | 20 masks | Nano Tech
Makrite 9500 respirator -  10 N95 masksMakrite 9500 respirator -  10 N95 masks

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Find the Best Face Mask Options at Clinical Supplies

As the days go by, it seems more and more likely that we'll need to bring a face mask with us most places we go. And if this has to be the case, you might as well make sure you're wearing a comfortable, effective, and good-looking face mask designed to offer you protection.

But the thing is, finding a protective mask that is comfortable can be hard nowadays. So, here at Clinical Supplies, we're offering you some of the best face mask options in the country, with a wide range of options all designed to offer the best protection.

You can find disposable masks, medical masks, and various cloth masks on our website, as we are dedicated to providing everyone with the exact face mask they need. With our face mask options, you can say goodbye to loose-fitting masks, uncomfortable ear loops, and respiratory droplets escaping!

Bulk Face Masks for All Your Needs

If you're running a medical facility or need to offer multiple people face coverings in your business, you may want to buy face masks in bulk. Here at Clinical Supplies, you can buy bulk face masks at a better price than many other websites and shops in the country.

On top of that, we have bulk prices for just about any face mask on our website. So, whether you want to strictly follow mask recommendations and buy a medical mask set or if you want to make wearing a face mask more comfortable and get cotton face masks, we've got you covered.

Shoot us a message today to learn how you can buy face masks in Australia in bulk. That way, working in patient care, supplying health care providers, or keeping yourself protected during the COVID-19 pandemic will be much easier for you!

What Face Masks are Available at Clinical Supplies?

One of the reasons we are one of the most trusted sources for face masks in Australia is because of our variety. You can find any brand, type, or filter for face masks on our website. Whether you want to protect yourself with high-quality face masks or if you want to reduce waste and wash your face mask after use, we have the option you need.

There are tons of face masks on the market for different needs. For example, if you're in hospitals often, you might want to get a better face mask than the one you wear when grabbing a cup of coffee in the middle of the day.

And here at Clinical Supplies, we have all of those face masks and more, making us one of the best one-stop shops for face masks and medical supplies in the country!

Surgical Masks

Our website offers tons of different surgical masks. If you want to buy face masks online, this is one of the best places to find surgical options. This type is largely considered the most protective mask you can find, with a tightly woven fabric and multiple layers of filtration to ensure that no respiratory droplets escape or enter your system.

In many medical and indoor settings, surgical masks are the best option. As a face mask, this one offers a really comfortable fit that doesn't feel constricting. It is also one of the most affordable types of medical masks on the market today, striking the perfect balance between protection, comfort, and price.

Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks are designed to cover the mouth and nose to prevent contaminants from entering or exiting a person's respiratory system. These are typically used in medical situations but are also great options for facilities requiring face masks.

At Clinical Supplies, we offer bulk deals for disposable face masks. All the masks in our stock are top-quality and multi-layered for maximum protection.

That said, keep in mind that disposable face masks should only be used once. After use, it's important to dispose of them properly and use another mask if needed again.

N95 Masks

The N95 face mask is one of the most widely used face masks on the market. This is because the N95 face mask is very comfortable and can offer some of the best protection from COVID-19 and other similar sicknesses.

One of the problems people face when buying an N95 face mask for themself is that finding an authentic one can be pretty tough. The thing with N95 face masks is that many fakes on the market today won't be able to give you the additional protection you need against COVID-19, especially in care facilities and indoor spaces.

But here at Clinical Supplies, rest assured that all of our N95 are legitimate and will be able to offer the several layers of protection you need against COVID-19. These do a great job of covering both the nose and mouth, preventing droplets from escaping.

KN95 Face Masks

The N95 face mask is largely considered one of the best protectors against COVID-19. However, since it can be hard to get your hands on an authentic N95 mask, the KN95 can be the better option.

For many people, KN95 masks are more comfortable than standard N95 masks. This is because these masks use ear loops, as opposed to N95 masks, which go around your whole head. But even when using ear loops, it offers a nice and tight fit around the nose and mouth, allowing you to protect yourself against many diseases.

Here at Clinical Supplies, we offer tons of KN95 face mask packages. So, whether you're looking for a large batch for a whole company or you want to keep your household stocked on face masks for a long time, we're the store to contact.

Reusable Face Masks

With many areas in Australia loosening up protocols, there are some instances where you might want to wear a more comfortable mask. And in this case, you will need a reusable face mask, which we offer here at Clinical Supplies.

This is a cloth mask that's very comfortable and makes wearing a face mask much easier, especially for longer timespans. These masks are also a bit more breathable while still being able to catch some of the larger droplets that can come from the mask.

That said, these won't offer the best protection against COVID-19. This is why we don't recommend this type of mask for care facilities and hospitals. Instead, this face mask is best used in casual and more relaxed settings as they feel much nicer and allow you to breathe a bit better.

Using Face Masks to Prevent Against COVID-19 and Other Sicknesses

A couple of years ago, wearing a face covering or mask was seen as pretty weird. But nowadays, it's commonplace if you're looking to protect yourself against COVID-19. However, protecting yourself against COVID-19 isn't just about wearing any mask you find.

Here are some tips for giving yourself the most protection possible when you wear your face mask for COVID-19.

Use High-Quality Masks

The first tip we can give when it comes to wearing a face mask to prevent COVID-19 is to find high-quality masks. A good make needs to have a couple of layers and filters to catch particles that float around the air, which can cause diseases and other problems.

Remember, face masks are not a treatment for COVID-19 but a means of preventing it. So, make sure that you find a good mask that can capture the potentially infected droplets that could be floating around a certain area.

Masks work by catching these droplets before they enter your own respiratory system.

Additionally, different situations require different masks. For example, if you're in an outdoor or well-ventilated area with physical distancing, you can wear a cotton or cloth mask. But if you're in a medical facility, then you need a medical mask to offer you the best protection.

So, keep this in mind when putting on a face mask to protect yourself against diseases.

Wear the Mask Properly

Finding a good mask isn't the only thing you need to do for protection. Another tip we can give you is wearing the mask properly. You want to make sure that the mask is covering your nose and mouth properly to prevent any droplets from escaping and infecting other people.

If you choose to wear cloth masks, then we recommend doubling up. A cloth face mask won't offer enough protection against COVID-19 on its own. But if you pair the cloth face mask with a surgical mask, you will give yourself much more protection.

When to Wear Face Masks

Face mask recommendations and requirements aren't as strict as they were during the start of the pandemic. However, for proper disease control, we still must practice some measures to ensure that the number of cases doesn't get out of hand. And one of the ways to do this is by wearing face masks in certain situations.

Here are some situations wherein you must wear a face mask for protection and for compliance.

Indoor Settings

If you're in an indoor gathering or event, then we recommend keeping your face mask on. Indoor spaces do not offer the best ventilation, which means that there are chance particles and infected droplets are floating around the air, which could potentially get in your lungs.

And if you're infected but don't have any symptoms, it's best to wear a mask to ensure that everyone else is protected as well. While wide outdoor spaces and events generally don't require the use of a face mask, we highly suggest wearing one if you find yourself at an indoor party.

That way, you can keep yourself and any guest at the event safe as well.

Public Transportation

Another area where Australians are required to wear face masks is on public transportation. While the use of a face shield is not required on public transportation, face masks are a disease control measure in place on public transportation.

Since many people are on public transportation every day, wearing a mask offers a certain level of protection against the spread of disease.

Health Facilities

Anyone in a health facility is required to wear a face mask. Since there are many immunocompromised individuals and people at risk of developing severe COVID-19 in these facilities, a face mask would give them very necessary protection.

Order the Best Face Masks Today at Clinical Supplies

If you're in need of high-quality masks in bulk, Clinical Supplies is here for you. Aside from various medical supplies like respirators, we have tons of different masks that all offer protection and comfort. So, the next time you need to order a face mask or a bunch of them, look no further than Clinical Supplies.


Where to Buy Face Masks?

If you're looking to buy a face mask online, Clinical Supplies has you covered. We pride ourselves on our wide offering of different masks that could be the protection you need in various settings. We also offer great prices for customers that buy in bulk, which makes us one of the premier sources for masks and other medical supplies in Australia.

Do Face Masks Have Different Levels of Protection?

Different masks will offer different levels of protection. For example, if you want to protect yourself against the coronavirus, then you need to wear either KN95 or N95 masks. These are known to offer the best protection against these diseases. On the flip side, cotton and surgical masks may offer less protection, but they are more comfortable and usually easier to find.

What Type of Face Masks Should I Wear for the COVID-19 Pandemic?

For COVID-19 protection, we highly suggest wearing N95 or KN95 masks. Studies and research have shown that these masks are the ones that can offer the most protection against COVID-19. And while it can be hard to find authentic masks for COVID protection, Clinical Supplies is one of your best sources in all of Australia.

Can Face Masks Prevent the Transmission of COVID-19?

One of the most effective and accessible ways to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 is face masks. When people have their masks on, there are fewer respiratory droplets in the air that could contain the virus if it comes from an infected individual. The masks can also help prevent these droplets from entering a person's respiratory system, which is what causes a coronavirus infection.

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