The Australian Government now sees rapid antigen tests, or RAT tests, as an accurate screening tool for COVID-19. This is evident as they're now allowing international travellers to enter Australia as long as they submit a negative rapid antigen test result upon entering the country.
On top of that, rapid antigen tests are more affordable than the standard PCR test. And since the health sector recommends finding a positive result for COVID-19 as soon as possible to suppress the spread of the virus, stocking up rapid antigen self-tests at home is a good idea for most Australians.
And if you're looking to buy rapid antigen tests for your household in Sydney, we've got you covered at Clinical Supplies. All our rapid antigen self-testing kits are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and NSW health authorities.
We offer a wide range of different rapid antigen tests and offer delivery to anywhere in Australia. With Clinical Supplies, you have easy access to a variety of rapid antigen tests with steady stock levels and without price gouging.

Why Use Rapid Antigen Tests?

At the start of the pandemic, most health authorities in the country recommended the standard PCR test to screen for COVID-19. However, due to the low availability of these tests and the need for a health professional to conduct the PCR test, they are a fairly impractical option.
On the other hand, a rapid antigen test, also referred to as rapid tests offer accurate results in a shorter span of time. Additionally, these are ideal for self-testing, are much more affordable, and are available over the counter in different stores.
Here are other reasons a rapid antigen test is ideal for anyone looking to check their own COVID-19 status;

They Are Accessible

Firstly, you can buy a rapid antigen test in different medical stores and sites. At Clinical Supplies, we offer a wider variety than other sites, making us the primary source for reliable rapid antigen testing kits in NSW.
Prices for a rapid antigen testing kit are significantly lower compared to PCR tests, so it's easier for people to acquire rapid tests and test kits for their households.

Test at Home

In that same light, you don't need to go to a dedicated testing site for a rapid antigen test. Instead, you can use a rapid antigen testing kit at home. That way, if you test positive, you can immediately self isolate while alerting the NSW health authorities of any symptoms that may arise.

Instant Results

With a PCR test, you have to wait a couple of hours, if not a couple of days for the results. On the other hand, rapid tests offer accurate results in 15-30 minutes, which is why they are recommended by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

How to Use a Rapid Antigen Testing Kit

When using any of the test kits that you can purchase on our website with a variety of payment options, you will find a set of instructions in the test kit.
We highly recommend reading the instructions thoroughly on the test to ensure an accurate test result. However, most test kits follow a similar methodology. So, here are the general steps to using an antigen test kit at home;

  • Prepare a safe and sanitary testing area
  • Open the packet and place the buffer in the tube
  • Gather the sample from your nose or mouth (is a saliva sample is required)
  • Mix the sample with the buffer for 15 seconds
  • Place 3-5 drops of the mixture onto the testing cassette
  • Wait 15-30 minutes for the test result

If you test positive for COVID-19, self isolate right away and contact the local health authorities if you develop any symptoms or need additional information. Additionally, contact any person you have come into close contact with before testing positive and tell them to isolate and test themselves as soon as possible.

Find Rapid Antigen Tests On Our Online Site

At Clinical Supplies, we are your go-to online store for rapid antigen tests. We have a steady supply of different rapid antigen tests that offer accurate and reliable test results.
With our rapid tests, you can keep yourself and the people around you safe by staying aware of your own COVID-19 status.
And since the many different areas and businesses may require a negative test result before you are allowed entry, it might be helpful to have a few rapid tests at the ready at home.