At Clinical Supplies, we stock up on approved and accurate rapid antigen tests for people looking to learn about their own COVID-19 status. All our rapid antigen tests and testing kits are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.
Currently, rapid antigen tests are very popular for people as they aren't as expensive as a polymerase chain reaction test, or PCR test, and they can be conducted without the help of a health practitioner.
Our wide variety of rapid antigen tests abide by all the guidelines of the Queensland government and Therapeutic Goods Administration, so you can rely on the results of our rapid antigen tests.
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How to Use Rapid Antigen Tests

Rapid antigen tests are point-of-care tests, which means they are not performed in a testing lab or clinic. Instead, rapid antigen tests can be used at home as self-tests.
To get accurate results, it's crucial for people to follow the appropriate instructions on their rapid antigen test kits. Each one of our rapid antigen testing kits in our store is good for self-testing and come with all the appropriate instructions.
You may conduct the test without the help of a health professional, unlike PCR tests. However, it's important to use rapid antigen test kits approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for more reliable results.

Here are the steps to properly using rapid antigen testing kit;

  • Prepare the appropriate space for testing
  • Open the rapid antigen test and add the buffer to the tube
  • Extract the sample (either nasal or alive, spending on the rapid antigen test)
  • Mix the sample with the buffer for 15 seconds
  • Drop 3-5 drops on the cassette
  • Wait for 15-30 minutes for the result

If your rapid antigen test shows a positive result need to abide by the public health direction of their local area.

In Queensland, people with a positive result from a COVID-19 rapid antigen test are required to isolate and contact their local health practitioner for further advice.

There are also different government services available to people who test positive with self-tests that people can access through calling the Australian coronavirus hotline.

Additionally, even if you only test with self-tests, it's important to contact all your close contacts to inform them of your positive result.

Are Rapid Antigen Tests Accurate?

The gold standard for COVID-19 tests is the PCR test. A PCR test can accurately detect a COVID-19 infection in a person. However, a PCR test needs to be conducted by a health practitioner at testing clinics. On top of that, they are expensive and inaccessible to a lot of people.
While rapid antigen test results may not be as accurate as those from a PCR test, they can still effectively detect COVID-19 in the system. So, whether you test positive or get a negative test result from your rapid antigen tests, you can rely on the results.

When Should You Take Rapid Antigen Tests?

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, it is best to self-isolate and go through a self-test right away. Symptoms for COVID-19 include a sore throat, cough, headache, fever, and a loss of taste or smell. However, emerging variants may also result in other symptoms such as a running nose and fatigue.
Additionally, if you are in close contact with a positive case or you have been exposed to large crowds in recent weeks, you may also want to take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test to stay safe. Understanding who has a COVID-19 infection and who doesn't is key in suppressing the spread of the virus, so it's highly recommended to test regularly if you often find yourself in high-risk situations.
There are also some workplaces in Queensland that require any staff member experiencing symptoms or coming back from infection to show a negative rapid antigen test result before returning to work.
At Clinical Supplies, we offer a steady supply of rapid antigen testing kits for anyone who wants to undergo these point-of-care self-tests. All of our rapid antigen testing kits abide by the guidelines of the Therapeutic Goods Administration and produce reliable results.
If you or any of your close contacts test positive for COVID-19, immediately isolate and contact the appropriate government service. Additionally, doctors recommend isolating immediately if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or produce a positive test result.