Right now the whole world is on the ropes. The deadly code maintains a virus that is surprising visit is spreading like wildfire on her daily basis. It is crossing borders and claiming many lives along the way. Attempts to try and stop its spread are devastating economies is no one was prepared to completely freeze their operations and rely on reserves. Businesses are closing doors left right and center for good each day and countless people are losing their jobs. Amidst all this chaos the Australian island seemed to benefit from its separation from the rest of the world.

Policy shifts in July 

Policy shifts in July was approaching. West Australia saw a positive change towards taking clothes back to normal. They plans to go down to phase 4 and to reopen most of the sectors of their economy. This move was different from the rest of Australia and most of the world. It's no wonder people have begun asking the question, where to buy n95 masks?

Business operations

COVID 19 hit business owners around the world hard. This was very severe for small businesses especially. This reality was also true for small businesses in Western Australia. Breweries were getting very low customers as clubs and bars we're closed before July. To add to this the government was funding drug and alcohol violence-related awareness. wow, this is a very good strategy in the greater towards the greater good, industries like this which thrive on alcohol were affected. Gyms were empty as people were worried about their current state of well being instead of long-run outcomes. Night clubs and bars we're no exceptions in this matter. Since there were strict policies to keep social distancing, these areas we're completely off the table. Bar owners were reporting that they were getting up to 3 months or more without a dime if profit.

Hope was reignited in July though. After seeing a positive outcome of almost no new cases in June, western Austria was determined to get things back to normal. Restrictive were stripped close to completely being removed. People could return to the gyms again. Gym owners said they needed to double their staff members to keep up with the returning customers. Restaurants bars and night clubs we suddenly alive again with people being just being advised to maintain social distance. 

Hospitality venues where there was the 100/300 rule, it was changed to 2 square meters of distance between people. Most sporting events were allowed to accommodate up to 50% of their capacity. They sold allow up to 30000 people to attend such events. this was the moment people were looking forward to because even the local businesses near sporting grounds would benefit. People were encouraged to avoid making visits to remote areas. 

The government urged people to support local tourism businesses. This was given the importance similar to civic duty so as to save business owners from economic free fall. This encouragement Broadwalk in some sections like the southwest where tourism was boosted by international visitors. visits from local tourists reached a season-high.

Interstate border

There were plans to reopen the west Australian borders 49 essential travel between them and other States. This was suddenly scrubbed off his the spike in victorious numbers compromised the arrangement. Well, this was a move to help save the lives of Western Australians, it was doing it at the expense of interstate businesses. People who depend on the boarders being open were complaining that they might see up to 12 months in total with no profits. And the sporting side, visiting teams would be isolated for 14 days in which they are allowed to play amongst themselves but not with any of the West Australian teams. the police were given clear instructions to clearly monitor border areas and make sure that all allowed visitors would quarantine for 14 days before getting access.

This was all a great moment for the whole of Western Australia. Unfortunately, July came with new problems that would require them to go back to their restrictive policies. The number of confirmed cases in Australia reached an all-time high Woodforest Western Australia to reconsider most of his promises. 

Policy change in July

In July West Australia studying getting higher infection rates. For example, he wants a two-day period in which nine cases were reported. This way all people returning from places outside West Australia. Thisisleeds to air a great increase in the amount of G2G passed being requested. all pass applications are supposed to provide sufficient reason as to why they need to travel into Western Australia. This is also accompanied by an increase in police force personnel. these will be responsible for monitoring the interstates traveling. all people traveling into Western Australia are required to carry their own masks. upon arrival at Perth airport, you're required to take an immediate test or one within the preceding for 48 hours. He will also be required to take another one on the 11th day in which symptoms I expected to start showing if you are infected. all these attempts are to try and keep Western Australia isolated from the rest of the world to preserve infection rates but is it enough?

Any person entering who gave to go to the hotel to the current time. Here expect clinical staff will be monitoring the current time. the requested the government to reduce the number of new arrivals. this is because they are a spike in numbers was a result of people returning to West Australia from other parts of the country or the world. They claim that the resources needed to account for all these people would result in an economic strain on the part of the government. 

They requested cabinet 2 approve of a hotel fee for the quarantining period to any returning or visiting individuals. This was approved is now in play.

Investing in Kimberley

 As mentioned above the COVID-19 virus his head great impact not only on the infected people but everyone. This is also true when it comes to Kimberley. A lot of people have been left without jobs and the government is looking to correct that. Western Australia is investing 110.3 million dollars in developing the region. They are investing in sectors like agriculture hospitality and tourism renewable energy manufacturing education and training and construction, areas in which a lot of employment can be created. 

Another attempt to resuscitate Kimberley involves a joint effort by the Western Australia government and your virgin. They are making airfares to Kununurra and Broome cheaper to encourage tourism. This is to try and compensate for the lack of international visits which anchor tourism and almost an economy.

Suicide prevention measures and vulnerable individuals protection

Another strategic move taken is to pay attention to the threat of suicide rates increasing. The Western Australian government is dedicating upwards of 10 million dollars in culturally informed social and emotional well-being suicide prevention measures. 

Additionally $28.1 is being dedicated to supporting victims of family and domestic violence. These funds will be used to erect accommodation for women's refuges. This is a result of the expected rise in domestic violence emanating from the effects of COVID 19 on lives. 

The construction of accommodation is also underway for the homeless along with an additional financial investment. it is easy to forget that there are people who suffer more in a time when everyone feels like they have it the worst. fortunately, there are people who understand this and are working towards solving it in Western Australia. 

Western Australia's government is awesome trying to support local PPE producing factories

You are investing 10 million dollars in local PPE manufacturers. This is due to the overwhelming demand for protective clothing like disposable face masks which are to be used by health workers and other people. However, given the situation of uncertainty around the world, it is not clear if this will be enough to combat coronavirus. In such cases, they might have to consider importing from other countries as major companies like the M3 fighting 2 supply enough N95 face masks for the whole world.

Rescue for small businesses

As mentioned above small businesses you've been enjoying this blow a lot. The government, therefore, issued out it runs off 17500 dollars to try and save them. More than 7000 businesses qualified for this. This move preventing the effects of the firearms hopefully through boosting employment and healthy cash flow.

Education policies

Around 60 percent of West Australian state-funded school understudies came back to the study hall for the principal day of term two a week ago, in what Premier Mark McGowan recognized was a "horrible" time for guardians, kids, and school staff. 

Mr. McGowan and Education Minister Sue Ellery said kids ought to be urged to join in, however that guardian had the choice to keep them home on the off chance that they wished.

Year 11 and 12 understudies were unequivocally encouraged to join in. The Association of Independent Schools (WA) official executive Valerie Gould said autonomous schools that had energized full participation had announced a solid turnout of understudies yet some were just opening for specific gatherings of understudies, for example, years 11 and 12. 

Catholic schools are empowering year 11 and 12 understudies to go to class.

Be that as it may, understudies from kindergarten to year 10 will proceed with far off or internet learning for in any event the initial a month of the term, whether or not they go to class or not

In all of these struggling, the most important thing to do in trying to make sure that West Australia is not severely affected by the coronavirus is to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We can observe the hill's advice that we get from government officials. I'm also sure by now everyone can recite the commercials advising people to stay safe as well. this involves actions like washing your hands thoroughly with soap or using hand sanitizer to disinfect them when we go out and get in contact with the outside world. We can also observe the 1.5 m room a long way only leaving our homes in line with governmental regulations. And lastly, we should always make sure that we have our face masks on whenever we go out to where air might be contaminated.

In regards to face masks, we should make sure we tried to get the most efficient mask all the time. This is because unlike popular belief, just covering your nose and mouth with any material might not be enough to keep you safe. That's because the fibers in other materials in masks only trap large particles like dust and leave the small ones to pass through spaces. An example of a better mask would be the N95 which offers 95% protection against or airborne particles big or small. It uses special physics mechanisms 2 trap small particles whenever they come in contact with the fabric of the mask. 

You should also consider if it is disposable, this is because a permanent mask would require you to carry out correct cleaning procedures after every use. This Virgin has a lot of room for error, especially at a larger scale. Disposing of the mask after use would ensure that the virus goes away with it. 

If you intend to get a mask, you can go to online retailers such as Clinical Supplies Australia. To verify if the one you have is the one you are looking for, M3 places to kohl's Bill on the box of the masks. These codes can be verified on the M3 safeguard page online. 

Our fight against Crawford is an unknown end date, it is up to everyone to make sure that Western Australia remains stable and quickly recovers in terms of its economy. If everyone can comply with this, weekend soon or attempt to the normal lives we used to enjoy not more than a year ago.