Rapid antigen tests offer an accessible, affordable, and convenient way to screen for COVID-19.
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When to Use Rapid Antigen Tests

Since rapid antigen tests are more affordable and convenient than PCR tests, they are the go-to way for screening for COVID-19 in South Australians.
The Australian government has removed the PCR testing requirement for people entering the country and replaced it with antigen tests as they are cheaper and more reliable screening tools for COVID-19.
Here are some instances where you may need to use rapid antigen tests, also known as rapid tests and RAT tests.

If You Develop COVID-19 Symptoms

Anyone in Australia who develops COVID-19 symptoms should get tested as soon as possible. However, since getting a PCR test can be expensive and potentially expose you to other people, you may opt for a rapid antigen test instead.
With a rapid antigen test, you can screen yourself for COVID-19 without the help of a health professional or going to a testing clinic.

If You've Been in Close Contact With a Positive Case

If you have recently hung out with people who test positive for COVID-19, there may be a chance that you have contracted the virus yourself.
If any of your close contacts test positive for COVID-19, whether, through a rapid antigen test or PCR test, it's important to test yourself with a rapid antigen testing kit as soon as possible.

Work or Travel

Certain workplaces with high-risk levels such as aged-care facilities, hospitals, and other establishments may require employees to get tested, especially if they develop COVID-19 symptoms.
Using a RAT test, or rapid antigen test, instead of a PCR test allows you to test yourself without having to go to a testing site.
A positive result and negative result from rapid tests are considered valid and will allow you entry to most locations and establishments that have testing requirements.

How to Use Rapid Antigen Tests

The accuracy of rapid antigen tests largely depends on how you use them. To avoid an invalid result or a false negative or positive result, it's important to go through the proper procedure.
Most rapid antigen tests use the same methodology for self-testing. With that said, it's still recommended to look at the instructions of each individual rapid antigen test to avoid making mistakes.
Here are the steps for self-testing using RAT kits or a rapid antigen test;
Test yourself in a sanitised and safe space

  • Place the buffer in the tube
  • Collect the nasal or saliva sample
  • Mix the sample with the buffer for 15 seconds
  • Place 3-5 drops of the mixture on the testing cassette
  • Wait 15-30 minutes for the result

Whether testing yourself or another person, it's important to wait at least 30 minutes before concluding the test as it can take that long for the test to show a positive result.
If you or a person you know tests positive for COVID-19, it's important to isolate as soon as possible. Additionally, inform any other potential close contacts that you are positive and that they need to test themselves as soon as possible as well.
After testing positive with rapid antigen tests, the government of Australia no longer requires you to take an additional RT-PCR test. But it's important to contact the relevant health department to inform them of your status right away.
If you develop symptoms for COVID-19 after testing positive, contact the Australia coronavirus hotline or reach out to a health professional for further advice.

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