Your search for a reliable rapid antigen test is over. At Clinical Supplies, we stock up on a wide range of different rapid antigen tests, all of which have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and are available for delivery in Western Australia.

Due to the Omicron strain of COVID-19 that has caused a new surge in cases, the greatest concern of the Australian government is to get the Omicron wave under control. And as we've seen multiple instances during the pandemic, detecting and isolating positive COVID-19 cases with a RAT or a PCR test early is key to controlling the surge.

While PCR tests are a good option for people looking to check their COVID-19 status, they are expensive and inaccessible for a lot of people. So, people are now urged to buy rapid antigen tests that they can use at home and get reliable results with more ease than with a PCR test.

And at Clinical Supplies, we're your go-to supplier of rapid antigen tests all over the country, whether you're in Western Australia or all the way in New South Wales.

Benefits of Rapid Antigen Tests

As positive COVID-19 cases are on the rise, the need for rapid antigen tests is only growing. So, here are some benefits to using rapid antigen tests over PCR tests to detect COVID-19.

Accessible & Affordable

Firstly, rapid antigen tests are accessible and affordable. To get a PCR test, you need to head to a testing clinic where health professionals will administer the tests for you. On top of that, PCR tests also come with a pretty high price tag as they are complex methods to check for COVID-19.
With a rapid antigen test, you don't need to spend a lot of money. When you buy rapid antigen tests from Clinical Supplies, you're ensured of fair and affordable prices for all our test kits. On top of that, we have a regular supply of rapid antigen testing kits that we can deliver to your address in Western Australia.

Can Be Used at Home

With a rapid antigen test, you don't need to go to a testing facility. Unlike PCR tests, these options offer accurate results and can be used at home. With a rapid antigen test kit, you won't have to worry about people queuing along with you like you would when getting a PCR test, possibly exposing you and themselves to COVID-19.

Faster Results

With a COVID-19 rapid antigen test, you can get the result in 15-30 minutes. So, aside from easier access for people, rapid antigen testing kits also give you results much faster than a PCR test.
For comparison, depending on the number of people getting tested and the demand, PCR tests can take up to a couple of days before your receive the results.

And with a wave of COVID-19 cases poised to hit Australia in the coming weeks, getting fast and accurate results are of the utmost importance.

How to Use Rapid Antigen Tests

All of the rapid antigen tests you can find on our website are Therapeutic Goods Administration approved and follow the same relative methodology.
While each of the rapid antigen test kits have their own set of instructions, here are the general steps to using one to test yourself for COVID-19;

  • Put the buffer in the tube
  • Collect the sample (nasal swab or saliva sample)
  • Mix the sample with the buffer in the tube for 15 seconds
  • Place 3-5 drops of the mixture onto the testing cassette
  • Wait 15-30 minutes for the results

The federal and state government removed the requirement of PCR tests to confirm a positive case after a positive rapid antigen test, so if you receive a positive result, immediately isolate and contact the relevant health professionals.

When to Use Rapid Antigen Tests

Here are some instances where you may need to use rapid antigen tests.

If You Develop Symptoms

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, it's important to isolate and test right away. With rapid antigen tests in Western Australia, you can receive accurate results on your COVID status in a couple of minutes rather than days with a PCR test.

If You Come Into Close Contact With a Person With COVID-19

If you've come into contact with a person who recently tested positive for COVID-19, rapid antigen tests or RAT tests are a great way to get on top of the situation right away. Rapid antigen tests are accurate, so you can rely on the results once they appear.

Work & Travel

The Australian federal government has made it mandatory for international arrivals to present a negative rapid antigen test upon entering the country. Travellers no longer need to take a PCR test before arriving in the country. In that same light, if you are travelling, border controls may require a negative antigen test result before you're allowed in the country, and buying a RAT kit or PCR test kit for yourself is a great way to save money and still learn about your COVID-19 and health status.