Coronavirus has spread much more quickly than we previously anticipated. As per the John Hopkins University report, Australia reported more than 16,718 cases confirmed cases, by 2020-07-30. While the figures seem daunting, we cannot lose home; instead, it’s time to take measures and protect ourselves and our families from this deadly virus.

Even though there are many things that you can do to prevent this virus, such as staying indoors, adhering to the quarantine and isolation regulations, and maintaining proper hygiene, using masks is one of the best and easiest to take precaution and protect yourself from COVID-19.

3M Masks

3M masks are one of the most recommended masks for COVID-19 due to their exceptional properties that prevent the particles from entering the mouth. Its name comes from the three layers that make up the mask preventing dust or other such particles. These masks have a shelf life of 5 years in their original packing.

Read below to find the suppliers of the 3M masks in Australia so you can shop the masks from stores having it in stock at good prices:

  1. WorkSafe Gear 
    You can easily find the 3M masks from the online website of WorkSafe Gear. They sell 3M masks at great prices, and have a variety of masks in stock! If you wish to order disposable face masks or surgical face masks along with your 3M masks, you will be happy to know that you can find those on the WorkSafe Gear website. PPE gear is in demand, so you can find those online; however, you will have to preorder.
  2. Clinical Supplies 
    You can find 3M masks at clinical supplies at some great prices. It is best to shop online instead of going to a physical shop as it is much safer. At clinical supplies online, you can find all kinds of masks ranging from n95 masks, n95 respirators, and even surgical masks.
  3. Australian Mask Specialist
    Australian Mask Specialist is one of the most renowned 3M masks suppliers in Australia. You can buy masks here to ensure that you get A quality masks online, at your doorstep. You will not have to go to the shop. Australian Mask Specialist has a great customer service that all Aussies love, moreover, you can find all kinds of products online on their website at great prices. They also deal in disposable masks, n95 masks, surgical masks, and much more!
  4. Amazon Australia
    Amazon Australia is the go-to masks supplier for most Aussies. They have a sale going on for masks where you can get in stock masks at a reasonable price and good quality. At amazon Australia online, you will be able to find 3M masks from all over the world at your doorstep without having to risk your life by going to a physical store. They keep the quality in check to ensure they serve nothing but the best products. The best thing about Amazon is if you have any issues with your 3m mask, they help you out and even return.

Please wear masks and take precautions. The Australian government has made it mandatory for Aussies to only leave houses when wearing masks, from 2nd August 2020. Remember, precaution is better than cure!

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