As per the reports, the confirmed cases of COVID-19 have increased to more than 16000 patients. The situation is getting out of hands, that is why we must take many more precautions than we did before!

Apart from maintaining proper hygiene and keeping a 6 feet distance from other individuals, it is essential that we start using masks religiously. The Australian government has a lot made it mandatory to wear masks from 2nd august 2020.

One of the best masks that helps in preventing COVID-19 is 3M. Read below to learn more:

What is 3M Mask?

The 3M 9004 IN is one of the many masks out there which provides respiratory protection against small dust particles. It has three layers of filter installed in it. They are crucial to use against protection from the COVID-19 as with their three-layer protection; you are completely safe in all kinds of environments.

The mask is designed to allow comfortable breathing and does not suffocate your mouth and cheeks like surgical, and cloth masks often do. They are commonly used by medical health workers, such as doctors and dental surgeons.

These 3M respirators are available in stores as well as online. Initially, they were only used by medical staff, but now they are being used by other people, such as kids because they allow easy breathing.

Which 3M Mask Should You Use?

There are many types of 3M masks available in the market, each with unique features and uses.

  1. 9422+Aura Particulate Respirators: 
    These masks are specially designed for workers in food industries. They have a low resistance to breathing and allow easy and comfortable wear. They are ideal for use in places with high temperatures because it does not allow moist build up inside the masks.

  2. 8300 Particulate Respirators:
    Their robust outer shell allows easy fit and covers the entire mouth and nose, thus preventing air particles contact from the skin. Its high-performance filter media makes it breathable. It does not suffocate the wearer and can be worn for long periods.

  3. 8000 Series Particulate Respirators:
    This respirator mask comes with an adjustable nose clip that helps reduce the fogging of glasses. It is what makes it most suitable for those who wear glasses. The two-point latex-free straps allow the wearer to easily wear it and the mask to stay in place. It also contains a very high-quality filter media that ensures protection from dangerous particles entering into your mouth and nose from the air.


Overall, all of the 3M masks are very comfortable, but it depends entirely on your environment and the type of mask you must wear. Comfort masks such as 8300 particulate respirator and 9422+Aura particulate respirators are for those with respiratory problems such as asthma. Classic masks are for those who live in dusty and windy areas. Likewise, other masks have other features fit for other environments.

Why Should You Use a 3M Mask?

There are many features in a 3M mask, so you should use them instead of the surgical and cloth masks.

  1. Durable and High Quality:
    These masks have durable inner shells, which means they do not deform easily. Their concave shape retains for a long time, and they cover your mouth properly. The mask protects against even the tiny particles in the air, such as fine dust particles. The electret filter inside it that filters the air entering the body and does not make it difficult to breathe for the wearer.
  2. Adjustable buckle strap:
    These masks come with adjustable buckle straps that allow the wearer to adjust the mask's fitness and comfort according to their preference.
  3. Cool Flow Valve:
    The mask consists of an exhalation valve that prevents the build-up of heat and moisture inside the mask. This feature helps one to wear the mask in hot and humid weather conditions.

Take precautions now, as it is now or never!

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