Why Use Disposable Masks Over n95 Masks?

Why Use Disposable Masks Over n95 Masks?

In order to curb the infection rate and stay protective of the coronavirus (also known as COVD-19), facial masks have become compulsory safety equipment to a great extent. Masks are designed to reduce the risk of getting infected due to their incredible function. That is, it has the resistance power to obstruct the virus to penetrate into the person's mouth or nose and infect his/her body.

That being said that people have tried on various kinds of masks, and among all the masks, disposable and n95 mask has gained popularity, especially the n95 mask. N95 mask has been approved by NIOSH and is a mask that can be used over extended measures of time safely. There can be two possible reasons behind choosing an n95 mask over the disposable mask. It is designed with a valve installed on the exterior side, which is proven to filter out the dust or virus and give the users pure oxygen. Another reason can be its reusability has attracted the people who are willing to save money. 

Subsequently, a misconception rose among the people that only n95 can protect one from the virus. The straightforward answer to this claim is none of the masks has the ability to protect you from the infection unless you remain cautious while living your regular life.

However, researchers have emphasized on using disposable masks rather than n95. According to them, while an n95 mask allows its users to use the same mask over and over again. Hence, the chances of getting contracted with the virus remain higher than usual.  

Perhaps you are wondering why? While you are looking forward to using it again and again, you are increasing the probability of taking the virus with you at home. If you are thinking that you can wash the n95 prior to entering your home, then you, on the other hand, also putting yourself at risk of getting contaminated with the produced germs from your mouth or sweat.

Pondering all the aspects of n95, it is recommended and safe to say that disposable mask is the best solution to curb the infection and minimize the probability of contaminating the family members and people outside. In general, a disposable mask is designed to be used only once and needs to be thrown away immediately.  

Interestingly, if you compare the disposable marks with the n95 mask, you will find out both types of masks have the same category and gauged capability to protect them from the infections. For instance, according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), surgical masks or disposable masks with 3-4 ply have ≥98% bacteria filtration efficiency, equivalent to Level-3. On the bright side, the n95 mask is also considered as the Level-3 mask ASTM reveled. The most significant difference is n95 is reusable and surgical or disposable mask is not!

For your own safety and to ensure you are not carrying the virus on your mask, disposable masks are highly recommended. After all, this is the least you can do to stay protected!