Why Disposable Face Masks Are So Important For Australians?

Why Disposable Face Masks Are So Important For Australians?

The new pandemic Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has emerged across the globe. As Australia is part of the world, there Aussies could not get away from this virus. It is all about globalization. In addition, ever since this deadly virus broke out, it has been taking a massive toll on people of all ages. According to the Worldometers, 16,303 people are being infected by the virus, and 189 people died till the filing of this report. 

This virus is considered the airborne virus. Its infectious components can travel through the air and have the strength to live for some time on any surfaces. As a result, it has become compulsory to wear mask wherever you go. You never know who is carrying this deadly disease with you. Research revealed that 80% of the people infected people around the globe don't have severe symptoms, instead, it remained as asymptomatic. 

In order to keep yourself and your family safe from this deadly virus, you must wear a mask. That mask should be a disposable mask as experts and physicians recommended it. Keep in mind that a disposable mask can be made of 3-4 ply has the same functionalities and capability to resist virus from penetration.

The latest news says that Australia's government has taken the decision to slowly take away the imposed lockdown from nationwide (except few cities) with the view to getting back to regular activity slowly.

Moreover, premiers from different states have set a strict rule to begin the new normal. For instance, The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has announced the mandatory mask policy so that people wear masks wherever they travel.

So now the question comes, which mask should you use, and why is that? You should wear a disposable mask for everyday use, and the logical reasons behind this are that disposable mask can keep you protected from the coronavirus. How you may be wondering. When you are using a disposable mask, you are bound to throw it away after one time used not because it is crafted in that way but to minimize the chance of carrying the virus on the mask everywhere you go.

It is worth mentioning that disposable mask costs less than any other mask out there. So, there is nothing worry about the expenditure behind the mask. For instance, you can buy 50 pieces of disposable or surgical masks for only AUS $ 49.99, whereas for 10 parts of the n95 mask, you will have to count more than AUS $ 55.

In conclusion, you really want to go the disposable mask as it serves the same purpose like n95 or other protective masks, has the same metrics in bacteria filtration efficiency, costs less than different masks and most importantly it certainly can reduce the risk of spreading further as you are disposing of it anyway. Take a moment to consider all the incredible features and aspects of disposable masks and order now before the stock out!