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Australia is currently a country with $1 trillion GDP with the lowest cases of coronavirus. This is the reason responsible for the non-mandatory of face masks in some parts of Australia. One would even expect that Sydney, being one of the biggest cities of Australia, should enforce the mandatory wearing of facemasks. However, the reverse is the case.

Australia is currently in the world of uncertainty as regards the pattern of spread of the coronavirus; it has been predicted that there might be a change regarding the low rate of transmission recorded in Australia. The Australian government only recommends wearing facemasks to prevent transmission of the virus if you're in a place where social distancing is impossible.

disposable mask

In order to be prepared for the uncertainty that may hit the people of Sydney, it would be expedient to know where exactly to buy face masks and keep at home in preparation for the worse in Sydney. As finding facemasks in Sydney is quite difficult, we have listed some online stores here for you to get your masks with ease.

Clinical Supplies (In Stock)

They're Australian based company operating out of Sydney. The bulk order of disposable face masks are from 100% Australian owned suppliers. They are available in packs of up to 500 masks. There is an Australian warehouse.

The Eco Mask (In stock)

These masks are manufactured in Sydney. This company, the Eco Mask makes face coverings for both kids and adults. It also ensures delivery of your order within one to two business days when you pay for Express Post-delivery.

Sydney Tools (In stock)

From surgical to KN95 grade, Sydney Tools has a great selection of face masks in stock. Priority same-day delivery is available in Sydney, or you can choose to pick up your order from the Sydney store for free. It offers free shipping on orders over $99.
The "After pay" option is also available.

Quality Medical Supplies (In stock)

Quality Medical Supplies Pty Ltd is a proud Aussie business operating out of Sydney. It Supplies stocks KN95 masks that are typically shipped within 1 - 3 business days. It strives to deliver quality supplies to the Australian community at competitive prices.

Breathe Easy Australia (In Stock)

It is based in Newcastle, but can ship into Sydney. The distance is never a problem.

Aussie Pharma Direct (In stock)

Aussie Pharma Direct stocks Australian made P2 masks in bulk packs. While shipping is currently delayed, express post is still available.

The Iconic (In Stock)

Fashion retailer, THE ICONIC, offers same-day shipping to some areas and express shipping to others, helping you to get your hands on a mask sooner.
Other Online stores include:

  • Chemist Warehouse (In stock)
  • Culture Kings (In stock)


Wearing a facemask doesn't pose any adverse effect on the health; therefore, it's advisable to wear it to guarantee a reduction of the risk of getting the virus by 80%. Make sure you get to the stores and buy your face mask.

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