As the stay of the COVID 19 pandemic elongates on the global level, the demand for the face masks is expectedly on the high, and as this persists, the supply chain for these PPEs is continually stressed resulting into demand exceeding available supplies. In the same vein, several healthcare organizations both in Australia and every part of the world exclaimed that some major distributors had allocated some specific types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), encouraging the users to dispose off their masks after use which may result into a shortage of available supply of PPEs in many countries. 

Now that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the acclaimed standard preventive measure guidelines which present wearing masks as a necessity, people have 

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been in the quest to choose the best mask options. Much later, as the pandemic grew more prominent, the KN95 masks surfaced to help solve some comfort and breathing issues, most notably for health officials and factory workers. 

Generally, KN95 masks became one of the significantly recommended masks in the health sector because they don’t only protect one from all the pollutant particles, viruses, bacteria, and more. They are also well-made and face-fitting in a way that enhances its protective efficiency and assures long hours usage. As a result, a typical KN95 mask is a brilliant filtering respirator face mask presently recommended for health and factory workers as a sure preventive measure for the ongoing pandemic.

Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic seems not yet visible, the demand for KN95 masks remains on the rise, resulting in a shortage of supply of the respirators and other PPEs such as gloves, gowns and more. 

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KN95 masks are key PPEs at the forefront of the battle against the global pandemic from the health workers’ perspective. They are made in a face-fitting style to form a tight seal on the user's nose and mouth. It has electrically charged fibres that grab 95 percent (or more) of pollution particles that pass through the mask to prevent infectious respiratory disease.

Although, the general public does not use these facepieces, yet, so many medical centres in Australia has been lamenting for the lack of masks. Medical facilities suddenly found themselves in want of the respirators because they have been overwhelmed with constant patient admission, which puts the use of the masks on the high. During a few days around June and July, Australia recorded high numbers of COVID 19 suspect hospitalization on a daily basis.

Check the following facts further buttress:

A global shortage of KN95 masks and other protective equipment has sparked anger by many healthcare workers in Australia and a few other parts of the world.

Australian medical workers have sent a petitihere to Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to request safe Personal Protective Equipment. The petition had gathered more than 155,000 signatures.

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt recently said the government would immediately release 10 million masks for healthcare workers.

On the final note, considering these significant clues, one can quickly figure out a rough idea of how many medical facilities in Australia are running out of the KN95 masks.

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