In the times of a pandemic, we must keep our clinical supplies guide ready, so when in times of need, we do not run here and there hopelessly. In Australia, the graph of people affected by corona doesn't seem to flatten, so we must safely play.

Read below to find a clinical supplies essentials guide.

  1. Surgical masks 
    These are medical masks made of non-woven fabric to provide safety to people by creating a barrier. The barrier works as a shield to protect the wearer's nose and mouth from the surrounding and possible germs from the virus. Surgical masks are loose-fitting to adjust to the user's face easily. People can easily shop for these masks as they are in stock and available in the Australian market. You must wear a surgical mask if you are under the suspicion of being a carrier of the virus, to avoid infecting others.
  2. Disposable Masks 
    Disposable masks have a life span of one-day maximum. Users need to follow guidelines provided by the government of Australia on how to dispose of these. Aussies need to make sure they take these off by holding just the band that goes over the ears and disposing of them in sealed bins. You must sanitize or wash their hands afterward, for a good 20 seconds. These disposable face masks have extremely affordable prices and can be purchased online as well. It is requested that all citizens wear these when heading out to your work or any other place and keep in mind other SOP, such as maintaining a distance of 3 feet from all individuals.
  3. N95 Masks 
    N95 masks act as personal protective equipment, which means they protect the user from airborne molecules and droplets that may be present in the environment to limit the user from being at risk. The N95 mask needs to be designed properly, so it fits on your face and does not allow any germs to pass through left out uneven spaces. These masks are the best option to keep your family and kids safe from the deadly wave of COVID-19.
  4. Cloth Masks 
    These masks are made out of common textiles, such as cotton or linen. The major difference between cloth masks and other masks is that they are made out of washable fabric. Like most masks, they do not need to be disposed of and can be reused. It is important to note that due to this, they need to be washed and cleaned regularly before reusing, in the correct manner. The Australian government recommends that citizens wear these when interacting with bigger crows than usual.
  5. N95 Respirators 
    An N95 respirator works as a protective device that focuses on your respiratory system. The mask has a filtering facepiece that filters 95% of molecules in the air that may cause your body any damage. The N95 Respirator edges are drafted to seal the area around your mouth and nose, forming a safety barrier. There are many NIOSH approved N95 respirators that you can purchase on sale. These are the most effective masks. However, it is recommended that these should only be worn by healthcare workers or in a healthcare setting as they are more prone to risk. Workers and staff are given proper training on how to use and dispose of these.

You should always have these clinical supplies at hand; you never know when you will need them!

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