Why Disposable Masks Are Priced So Well?

Why Disposable Masks Are Priced So Well?

As soon as the coronavirus (a new virus, also known as COVID-19) hit the world, with the utmost shock, people started to stress out worrying about the health safety of their own and others. And when Aussies heard that it also reached Australia, everyone began to freak out instantly. Besides, it was broadcasted that the virus is airborne and contagious, so in order to protect yourself, a mask is mandatory.  

Owing to this valuable information, people started panic buying across the cities and bought as many masks as they could. This eventually caused mask crisis in the market. Thanks to the manufacturers who produce masks because they elevated their production system in order to meet the public demand and ensure maximum safety in the country.

Note that there are different types of masks available in the market. Each is tailored with different materials, or you can say components. For instance, disposable masks are made of 2-4 plies, whereas a respiratory n95 mask is made of different materials.

Both of the masks gained popularity owing to their same serving capability as well as the purpose. In terms of price, disposable mask costs way less than the n95 mask. Besides, a disposable mask is highly recommended by the experts as it decreases the possibility of contamination. You can use a disposable mask for once and dispose of it after using it.

Here is an example to illustrate the price difference between an n95 mask and a disposable mask. Looking at the price tags of a disposable mask on the internet, you will notice that most of the safety equipment selling companies offering 50pcs of 3-ply disposable masks made of nonwoven fabric and melt-down cloth for only AU$59.99. It also provides excellent breathability, comfortable design with suitable elastic earloop, and an adjustable nose bridge.

On the other hand, you will notice n95 is quite expensive in comparison with the disposable mask. On average, 10 pieces of 3m P2 N95 respirator mask can be bought for AU$49.95. In general, an n95 mask is made of a fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers, a nonwoven polypropylene fabric.

Looking at the prices of both masks above, it is noticeable that there is a silver-lining gap in terms of price, but the functionalities are the same. Moreover, both category masks use the same fabric but different ways to differentiate from each other.

If you gauge the protective measure of both masks, you will notice that disposable masks carry a lower possibility of spreading the virus. You are bound to dispose of it immediately after using it. Apart from the safety measure, it is possible to produce a significant number of disposable masks in the day. As a result, the production rate is high because their many manufacturers out there and require less time to produce more.  

Eventually, a significant number of disposable masks have been rolled out in the market. When there is a high production, the price of that product is less. This theory applies to disposable masks as well. It is wise to buy a disposable mask more instead of the n95 mask. This will save you from both deadly viruses as well as spending too much money on masks.