The pandemic has changed how we operate in the world - at first, masks were only limited to the hospitals or engineering sites, however now we must carry masks with us at all times! Moreover, we must ensure to use masks religiously about the regulations by the Australian government. From 2nd August 2020, the Australian government has mad is mandatory to wear a mask whenever leaving the house.

N95 Masks

N95 masks act as personal protective equipment, which means they protect the user from airborne molecules and droplets present in the environment. The design of these N95 masks is an important aspect as they need to fit on your face comfortably.

N-95 Mask Suppliers

Read below to find where you can find in stock N95 masks.

  1. Clinical Supplies
    The clinical supplies is an Australian owned business. Their main aim is for all Aussies to have equal access to the supply of healthcare facilities. They are stocked up and have bulk packages up to 400 pieces. You can purchase these face masks on their ongoing online sale on packages of 20, 25, 40. Their packet of 25 on sale will cost you $149.95. Their shipping takes about 1-3 days. You can contact them at 1800 940 526 to get to know about their products, sales, and how to use and dispose of these masks.
  2. Australian Mask Specialist
    They promote themselves by suggesting they are different than other businesses due to their unique and premium quality products. They supply good products at the best prices and have great customer service. They have a variety of range, 5-100x KN95 masks; these include disposable and washable masks. They have a sale on their protective equipment where you can buy their medical and surgical masks. Their N-95 has a filter performance of 95%. It comes along with a nose clip to allow it to fit perfectly and comfortably onto your face. They have fast delivery services that dispatch your order in about 1-2 days, with shipping services available all through Australia.
  3. Quality Medical Supplies
    It is an Australian owned business with a high range of N-95 masks in stock. They take bulk orders for masks and can ship internationally to all consumers. You can visit their online website to see their prices and sales. Two packets of the N-95 Mask can be bought at the sale price of $11.99, which is quite affordable if you want to purchase them for your family members, especially kids who need extra protection from the virus. They are designed to be light, easy to use, and extremely comfortable with elastic bands that go around your ear. The filtering inside these masks protects your respiratory system by a three-dimensional filter. These face masks are easy to breathe in and can be reused until they have fulfilled their life span of 12-18 hours.
  4. GetaMask
    It is Australia’s fastest supplier of personal protective equipment. Their motto is that they always have stock and deliver on time. They are located on the Western side of Australia and have proper storage and warehouse facilities. Their StarKit has four pieces of N-95 masks per box. These are laboratory tested to ensure that they meet the quality standards set. They are constructed to be of exceptionally comfortable and not cause any difficulty in breathing. They deliver overnight.

Keep your n95 masks with you at all times!

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