What nonprofits art COVID oriented?


Many non-profit organizations are aligning their missions towards helping their communities combat the novel COVID-19 pandemic while also trying to endure the crisis themselves. San Diego Museum of Man is one such non-profit organization, which has had to close its doors for its regular operations but remains determined to deliver on its mission to connect people to their humanity, and be part of the solution to the COVID-19 problem. Inspired by their Museum's contribution in the second world war, when they offered their facilities to the Navy as a space to care for the wounded and sick, they have offered their facilities to serve their community during this pandemic. CARE, a non-profit organization missioned to save lives, defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls; has directed its resources to constructing, equipping and maintaining public handwashing stations in communities; providing hygiene kits to the most vulnerable households within society; training and educating communities and community leaders on proper handwashing and sanitation practices; as well as expediting provisions of clean water through emergency water trucking and distribution of safe water storage containers to some of the most vulnerable countries in the world The organization has also advocated issues such as the impacts of stigmatization of COVID-19 infected people, and the need for Gender Based Violence to be included in COVID-19 response plans. Concerns regarding Gender Based Violence, have led The Feminist Humanitarian Network (FHN) to action. FHN is an international network of women leaders committed to a transformed humanitarian system that promotes a feminist humanitarian agenda based on a notion that women have gone overlooked for too long with their leaders and voices being ignored. They offer psychosocial support via helplines and counseling; providing their offices as quarantine stations; and taking action to mitigate false information online. The Feminist Humanitarian Network is fiscally sponsored by ActionAid, an NGO which is focused on public health education and the distribution of educational materials at community level as well as distributing of hygiene kits, food and cash for critical livelihood.

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Doctors without borders (FSM), is an independent global movement providing medical aid where it is needed most. They have been combating infection prevention and control measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic response in Yemen and Venezuela. Australian Red Cross has continued its vital services for people in high risk groups. They have expanded their phone-based support services for people in isolation and provided support for emergency relief teams in the Asian-Pacific region and beyond. The Foodbank Australia & Foodbank Victoria provides meals to vulnerable groups. Providing emergency food suppliers to vulnerable communities across Australia. There are a vast number of organizations oriented to the mitigation of COVID-19 world over, from The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Australia to The Child Care of America; All having different focuses from supporting healthcare and other frontline workers, to supporting small businesses and supporting hygiene promotion activities and community-based care.

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