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Around the world, the past few months have been all about a mask frenzy. While some people are comfortable with wearing various types of masks to protect them from contracting the coronavirus, others have significant troubles when wearing the mask, such as breathing problems, foggy glasses, and an overall sweaty mess.

If you’re someone that wants to look for an equally safe alternative to face masks, then best believe that face shields are the best choice for you.

What is a face shield?

Previously used by healthcare professionals when conducting various medical procedures, such as surgical procedures, as PPE to keep away from fragments, bodily fluids, viruses, and bacteria, face shields have always been an important part of the healthcare system; however, with the coronavirus pandemic, their popularity has increased and extended to people outside of the medical industry as well.

Worn to fight against the virus and made from high-quality plastic, these face shields protect one’s entire face, including eyes, nose, and mouth, from external particles. While they are not recommended for everyday use, these shields are good if you wish to wear a breathable cloth mask or want to ditch the face mask ordeal completely.

Do they really protect you from the coronavirus?

Skipping the technicalities and simplifying the answer for you; Yes, a face shield does actively protect you and reduces your chances of contracting the coronavirus significantly.

Researchers and healthcare professionals believe that when wearing these shields, a distance of 18 inches must be kept from other people at all time as at that given distance, the shield is capable of reducing the virus’ expose by a whopping 96% - which is a percentage higher than that of the N95 face mask.

Are face shields a better option than face masks?

While the feasibility of using protective gear, especially in time of a pandemic, is a choice that varies from person to person, popular opinion is that face shields might replace masks, as they prove to be a more comfortable option with high effectiveness.

If you’re someone that has troubling breathing, easily feel suffocated, or suffer from a medical condition that does not allow you to wear a mask, its best to replace it with a face shield. Similarly, the shield is a good alternative for children younger than two years old and those that are unconscious and incapacitated.

Browse over the following benefits face shields have over face masks:

  • More comfort.
  • Full portion of the face is protected.
  • Reduced facial heat.
  • Less fogging when wearing goggles.
  • Less claustrophobic.
  • No impact on breathing resistance.
  • For sale online or in shops at a reasonable price. 

If you’re looking for an easily available buy, all-inclusive, and affordable alternative in Australia to wearing face masks, it is best that you opt for using a face shield. However, it’s important for you to understand that a stark distance needs to be maintained when completely switching shields for masks.

Furthermore, you need to keep an eye on your shield for any cracks or damages, as that will reduce the efficiency of the shield, and it will need to be replaced. Similarly, properly disinfect the plastic of your shield to avoid virus build-up.

How to properly wear a face shield?

If you’re eager to replace your masks with face shields and want to maximize their effectiveness, learn to wear the shield properly. Start by extending the mask below the chin, as this will cover your entire face. Furthermore, cover your ears and reduce any possible exposed gap between your forehead and the shield’s headpiece.

At the end of the day, precautions we take from the virus in the form of shields and masks are just deterrents; hence, we need to try our best to practice strict social distancing and self-quarantine.

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