Is There a Standard Process of Wearing and Removing N95 Face Mask?

An N95 facemask is an unavoidable tool in the battle against the spread of coronavirus. Concerning the first use, the facemask is applicable in construction, medicine, laboratory, and other risky procedures. Generally, a facemask can prevent airdrops that may contain contaminants and germs that may infect others. When an infected person talks, laughs, coughs, or sneezes, the virus may be transmitted to anyone within a 2 meters radius.

As a result, the N95 face mask will prevent the contaminants, especially the coronavirus, from reaching an uninfected person. The design of the mask ensures comfort to the user through the components like ties or bands and ear loops. However, it is crucial to adhere to the standard guidelines as approved by the FDA. Since it is an essential tool in preventing the spread of diseases, it is necessary to understand the primary practice of wearing and removal. 

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Steps to Follow When Wearing an N95 Mask

The N95 mask already passes the fitness test but still requires a correct usage. In an attempt to put on a face mask, there is a need for care and caution. Hence the following steps will serve as a guideline for putting on an N95 facemask. The steps below are the recommended procedures by the World Health Organization (WHO):

  1. Perform hand hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Alternatively, you may rub an alcohol-based sanitizer on the back and front of both sides before touching the mask at all.
  2. If wearing a headcover, gently remove it from the back and place in a secure uncontaminated place
  3. Examine either side of the new face mask to check if there are any holes or tear before use
  4. Check for the upper side of the mask, which usually has a bendable edge in the shape of a nose. Note that the N95 mask already has a form that shows which side is inner or outer. 
  5. The N95 is the face mask with two loops; one is upper, and the other is lower. So, use one hand to hold the front of the cover while the inner surface is facing you. Use the other side to pull the lower loop over your head down to your neck.
  6. Next step is to pull the upper loop the same way, this time to reach the top of the ear
  7. Adjust the shape of the face mask to cover the mouth carefully effectively
  8. Gently adjust the nose clip to fit the shape of your nose tightly but still comfortable
  9. In case the adjustment still does not feel comfortable, adjust the positions of the lower and upper loops
  10. Rewash hands or apply an alcohol-based sanitizer

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Steps to Follow When Removing an N95 Facemask

  1. Remove all external clothing such as robe and goggles, and dispose into a container with lid
  2. Place a finger and the thumb under each loop of the respirator to raise from the head. 
  3. Pull from the back towards the front. 
  4. Hold the respirator only on the loops and dispose into a container with a cover
  5. Dispose of the used gloves as well
  6. If you contaminate the hands when wearing or pulling off, wash your hands all over again with soap and water or rub a sanitizer