The P2 face mask, also known as the P2 respirator, is the PPE that can filter off the minute airborne particles, including the coronavirus. It is the recommended coverage for health service workers that can curb the transmission of the virus from the patient to the caregivers. The mask can also be useful for other infectious diseases with a similar mode of communication, such as Q fever. The P2 masks are readily available for purchase from hardware stores as well as safety and health equipment stores.

The efficiency of the disposable P2 face mask is dependent on the fitness of compliance to the necessary standards. Besides, it must be worn correctly and checked if the tool is entirely free from all compromise. The WHO, CDC, and some local regulatory authorities are responsible for the generally accepted procedures and guidelines for the use of the P2 facemask. In order not to compromise the efficiency of the P2 face mask, the following Do’s and Don’ts are quite essential:

p2 mask


  1. Change the face mask as soon as it gets moist or wet
  2. Always wash your hands if you accidentally touch the used mask even while still on
  3. Dispose of the used mask into a closed waste container
  4. Check for the appropriate size of the mask that is fit for your face before using


  1. Touch the mask while it is still on you. you can only hold the straps while removing it
  2. You can re-wear the mask after it has been pulled off. This process is referred to as doffing (removal) and donning (re-wearing)
  3. Pull off the mask, only to leave it dangling on your neck
  4. Remove the mask until you get out of the patient area

Steps to Wearing the P2 Mask and Stay Safe

According to the standard procedures of the World Health Organization (WHO), the following forms the summarized FIVE steps to follow to put on the P2 mask:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water or clean with an alcohol-based sanitizer
  2. Remove any headgear, hat or cap from the back and place in a secure container
  3. Hold the P2 respirator by the straps with the inner side facing you and the edge of the nose upwards
  4. Draw the lower strap over the head up till below your ears first while holding the mask with one hand
  5. Draw the other strap over your head up till the top of the ear and adjust the nose-shape mold tightly to fit the face including the nose and mouth bridge

p2 mask

Also, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when wearing and removing the P2/N95 respirator. The approval bodies in Australia that prepared this instruction guideline include the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). But apart from the use of the medical and non-medical face masks, citizens should also adhere to the social distancing, and frequent washing of hands rule.

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