Just when initial corona cases started reporting in Australia, people went all crazy with hoarding groceries and supplies. Hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and toilet papers were among the first things that were wiped off from the shelves within a few days. Don't worry! We have found the top 5 places where you can easily buy hand sanitizers and other safety-related items.

Clinical Supplies

Undoubtedly, the best place to buy hand sanitizer from is clinical supplies. And, the reasons to look for hand sanitizers at clinical supplies in the first place are obvious. They make sure that the hand sanitizers they make contain the right amount and concentrations of ethyl alcohol. Moreover, they are thoroughly quality controlled to keep you and your family safe.

Also, if you are looking for other safety equipment such as surgical masks, KN95 masks, or PPE, you can find that under the same roof.


In early corona days in Australia, hand sanitizers either were entirely out of stock or had skyrocketed prices on Amazon. But, soon as the need prevailed, Amazon started restocking the hand sanitizers from different sellers. You can easily find hand sanitizers from the leading brands being sold and that too at the usual prices. Also, you can shop disinfectants, N95 respirators, and surgical masks from Amazon. 


Being an Aussie and not knowing about Woolworths, doesn't go together. Since Woolworths is the leading supermarket chain in Australia, you must be having their franchise near your home. So, take advantage of that and restock your hand sanitizers from there. They have tons of brands for hand sanitizers available now. They also provide an online shopping service, so if you don't want to step out of your house, you can also get it delivered at your doorsteps. 


eBay is not only for buying trendy outfits, but it is also one of the best retailers for buying household items. You can easily find different hand sanitizers there, be it gel sanitizers, spray sanitizers or rubbing alcohols. If you are looking to buy sanitizers in bulk and save some cash, you can't find a place better than eBay. They also provide afterpay service, so you can buy now and pay later in installments. If you are an eBay plus member, here is good news, you can enjoy free shipping on your sanitizers.


Another supermarket that is easily accessible in every city of Australia is Coles. They have now restocked sanitizers, and you can easily find those either in their stores or buy them online from the coles' official website. You can also purchase disposable masks and disinfectants for your house there.

Hopefully, you will be able to find sanitizers and masks at the stores mentioned above. However, these are hard times, and people fill their carts whenever they land an eye on sanitizers. So, if you still aren't able to get a good quality sanitizer, don't worry! Washing hands does the same job. Wash your hands regularly, stay home, and stay safe.

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